Catillopecten vulcani

(Schein-Fatton, 1985)




lv                                                                           rv


Original name   Bathypecten vulcani Schein-Fatton, 1985
Autoreference   Schein-Fatton, 1985: 491, pl. 1, figs 1-7.
Reference   Schein-Fatton, E., 1985. DŽcouverte sur la ride du Pacifique oriental ˆ 13*N d'un Pectinidae (Bivalvia, Pteromorphia) d'affinitŽs palŽozo•ques. - Comptes rendus de l'AcadŽmie des Sciences, SŽrie 3, 310 (10): 491-496.
Type data   Figured holotype (pr: H 14.2 mm, L 12.9 mm) MusŽum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN, not registered). Type locality: E Pacific Rise, Pogomort 2, 12*48'80"N, 103*56'60"W, 2620 m, alive, submersible "Cyana", 1984 (BIOCYARISE dive 33).

  Shell up to ca. 15 mm high, very fragile, semi-transparent, left valve weakly convex, right valve flat, oval, longer than high, inequivalve, inequilateral, auricles nearly equal in size, unequal in shape, internal ribs lacking, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees.

  Left valve commarginally undulated to the central part of the disc and very closely spaced minute commarginal lamellae near the margin. Right valve smooth in early growth stage, delicate commarginal lirae in late ontogeny. Posterior auricles and anterior auricle of left valve continous with disc, anterior auricle of right valve demarcated from disc. Byssal notch rather deep, byssal faciole and ctenolium lacking.



E Pacific Rise (TL)

Habitat Living abyssally on soft bottom assemblages.