Herb - by Peter Tosh

A man is not too big in society if herb is degradation of society, because accordin' to de law of herb, only de small man get deprive, or go to prison, or bein' brutalize by police for Herb. Only de small man.

Me come to de conclusion that de whole earth - well, let's say 99 percent of de earth - have some form affiliation wit' de herb, because dem call it ganja, an don't know ganja is a t'ing dat grow. Ganga is a bird in Australia, or ganja is a place in Russia, an' ganja is whole lotta different t'ing, but nothin' pertainin' to what him callin' it, legal t'ing. And the poor man who don' know him constitutional right, just get fucked.

Well, we like herb for free, man. Because it is fuckin' up de whole earth, an' is not fuckin' up de whole earth. fuckin' up de small man, cause only de small man at all time go to blood-clot jeal for herb, an' de beeg man just pass in him limousine. An' if he can have on him certain identification that society see man, o-so-well-it's- mister-Brown don'-touch-it/blood-clot-let-him-go-on. An' oh, Yes man! just right! Me smoke herb! Me smoke herb, me pass my herb, me goin' free. You bigger, you smoke herb an'you pass it, an' you goin' free. But because you bigger an' you drive a bigger car dan me, an' you live up a Beverly Hill an'dem bum-clot, then you mus' come, you dominate de whole earth. An now dem jine dat ras-clot Christopher Columbus, ras-clot, Pirate Morgan, Francis Drake. All dem same, dem fuckers. Dem kinda work used to work, man, legal laws, dem sit around an' drink dem blood-clot whiskey and say, "Haw, haw, haw, Let us make a law," callin em fucker an' t'ing, yes mon. Ya man, an' is just de small man feel it at all times. An' de small man, is not only domination of herb him feel ... incrimination of herb; evryt'ing, every illegal law is put up to fight against the small man. An' is de small man who is buildin' up the resource of the earth.

Yes man! Slavery abolish! Dat was from about eighteenth or so sixteenth blood-clot century ago, dem say slavery abolish! Do right an' let every man be satisfied. Earth resource must be distribute right. Herb was made fot the use of man, an' not for de use of some blood-clot drunkard. Herb was made for de use of man, an' not men in dem likkle blood-clot chamber! An'man must get herb cause man' keep de earth runnin' till today. Not men in him likkie limousine, dem likkle bloodclot luxurious fucker. An dem make de law. Ras-clot! Dem t'ing get me mad. Yeah, man. It's not me alone dat get mad. It's in some kinda madhouse de ras-clot where some stay consciously mad and I have to us just abide wit' de situation, until de situation changes, y'know? But man, bum-clot, come to dat now, man.

Economical pressure, dem raise up everyting, an' herb will keep you from t'inkin' about what's going on now. Dem wanna come dominate. Dem put out, dem wanna bring out dem drugs. Come spring it up on us, fucker! Dem trip, dem fuck up your head. Wise man use herb. We can do dat. We have to get out of hell man, whadaya-mean, or let hell get out of us. What you t'ink man? Too heavy for dem? Well, I know it is right.

Dem say dat herb is a dangerous drug, and pie-zen, an' every day I pie-zen myself an' nevah die. So why? Fight against I? Pure Babylon. Fertilizer come from oil. An' rubbish. Oil an' herb don't mix. Yes, man. Herb must as plant, come by nature. jus' grow, an' it don' care how it come. If it knot, or if it spread out. It nice same way. But as soon ya fertilize it, man, it pure fucker. Your belly hurt. Ah, ya feel bad like ya wanna vomit, man. Yes, man. But if you smoke some nice herb an' put your mind somewhere where inspiration flows, herb so nice.

High Times Magazine, Sept. 1976