The following are Peter Tosh's comments just prior to his early morning set at the jamaican World Music Festival.

Once upon a time, when I first came to this planet earth, I was told, taught and brainwashed that herb, otherwise known as ganja, is the most dangerous drug and poison. And the I was taught to be afraid of it. And it is a good thing I am in permanent contact with Jah, for I say, Jah, I do not take influence from men, it is you that show I what is right and what is wrong.

If I shall begin to read all the respect I get from the United States of America, for example, in New York, I would not be humiliated for a spliff, no way by no police. And for one blood-clot reason why, I would stay in New York for a while because I have the privilege to smoke herb and I want you to learn this. It is I and the Rastaman who has been humiliated for the use of herb for all these ages.

Don't take this thing here for joke. And gawan like uno dep coke and uno just done eat a whole piece of pork.

Do you know what is happening? All sheep of the fold has scattered, and everyone is suffering from this great thing called "ego." Everybody is busy involved in himself. The respect for humanity has been lost. Seen? No man respects his fellow man again. Every man loves big bumba money in him back pocket. Every man loves material things more than his brother, but learn this, if you don't learn to be your brother's keeper...

Long time, I don't perform here. Performing on stage at seven o'clock in the morning. Sun rise to greet I, but not only I, the sun rise to greet everyone who have the heart to stay until this morning from last night. What else can create an incident like this one?

Only reggae music.

The music that is not respected in its own country. No joke business, when I talk, heart shook up, curl up.

And I want it to look like reggae music is an insignificant music, a music that has no relevance, just the music of a cult. This is no music of no cult. It is ancientcy 185 billion years and more from whence I cometh.

Don't take this thing for joke business. All of us who love reggae stand accused, abused and disrespected and condemned. Seen?

Every time I try ten yards Babylon try stop you! What kind ting is dat? And I in this twenty-first century they lock you up for a spliff.

Can you imagine that after these degradations and humiliations, I've been condemned to hell and here am I standing in the name of Jah!

Seen. But I love to talk. I am music, you hear about my music.

But I am not here to exalt myself, I am here to exalt the name of Jah Rastafari, and the music that has been given to I from Jah that will take cover the whole world. The whole world shall be covered with reggae music, and anywhere I play reggae music like you hear I play now, it creates a ting called reggae mylitis. Everybody have reggae mylitis, and right now I feel in my toes I've got reggae mylitis. Gwan me brethren... [Band plays]., We want the truth.