M i l i t a r y  A i r c r a f t  S p o t t e r s   

Hi!  My name is Martin Herbert (nickname Herky), born in 1964 and an aircraft spotter for many years.  Learn more about aircraft-spotters and their grazy hobby.

I live in a town near former NAS Valkenburg in The Netherlands.

The images below gives you an impression of my interesting hobby.


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      A i r c r a f t  s p o t t e r s  i n  a c t i o n ! 

This website is about people with a beautiful hobby:

 A I R C R A F T   S P O T T I N G

Basicly there are two kinds of spotters: writers....

.... and photographers.

Commonly all spotters have to wait a while before seeing some movement.

They kill time by walking and discussing how to make the best picture.

A portable scanner or air-band receiver is a part of the equipment of an aircraft spotter.

A spotter has to be an early bird to secure himselve of a good spot.

Camera's ready and steady,   
the aircraft is approaching !

Then finally................................ ACTION !!


It's always a joy (or anger?) all together for the same target.

Spotters who join the hobby for a long time often see the same aircraft at air bases and refuse to photograph these planes for the such-and-such time.

For a not common picture they do weird things.

There are spotters who become very excited seeing an aircraft.

Some spotters still have a passion of being a jetfighter-pilot.

Some want to turn the aircraft inside out.

Posing in front of your favourite aircraft is a must for every spotter!

Not only spotters but even flight crew love it!

Naturally flying in it gives the biggest thrill !

Although some rather be a plane themselves.

Exchanging adresses is always usefull for future visits.

Newspaper-editors are always curious what spotters have to say.

Yes summarizing we can conclude that aircraft spotting is a very tough hobby.
That's why spotters always are in good shape, have a perfect condition and don't drink alcohol


This is the image that the laity have of spotters.

Oh yes there are many different kinds of spotters: small and tall ones,

 and some a little overreacting.

This is a so called Spotters nest !?

There was a time that serious spotters did decorate and illustrate their photo cases.

Do you know that spotters are socialized persons with interest for culture, history,

 nature and. . . . . . . . . .?


Sometimes airshows can be very boring and then they go looking around. . . . 

. . . . and around. . . .

and around.

Oh, they are even more beautiful compared some aircraft types.

What about combining your job as military air traffic controller and the hobby? Must be great!

A spotter is not a lazy kind of human and quite willing to put one's shoulder to the wheel


but they know when it's time to rest.

When the work is done they kiss the plane goodbye. . .

. . . pack their camera stuff and leave.

In the evening it's party time, to celebrate the score of the day, with lots of beer and fun !!

But the next morning they are up early with a descent breakfast, because the day will be long again. . .

. . . and sometimes very warm (+35C),

or very cold (-10C).

Conclusion:  Aircraft spotting is a fine hobby according to one big family of happy people!

and now some results of our hobby.....  
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made in former East Germany

Click on the links below for:

website with patches related to the F-104 Starfighter

download F-104 cursors 

Not only aircraft or women have there attention. Here some examples:

TV reporters at the gate of former NAS Valkenburg waiting for a Yugoslavian war criminal to arrive.

Dutch Queen Beatrix picked up a Canadian delegation

Pacifist group 'Onkruid' forced to leave an air show at Soesterberg after they had thrown paint bombs at the displayed aircraft.

Ceremony due to the move of the Russian Air Force out of East Germany

Below you will see a couple of practical jokes by groundcrew of various forces.

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