Knoydart 1998 :Ladhar Bheinn


Scotland 1998 : "the rough bounds of Knoydart".

We started our tour through the Western Highlands in a very wet Fort William on Saturday 25 April. On Sunday we did 4 munro's in Mamore Forest in very bad conditions, it was raining, snowing, hailing, all day.When we headed north to the Applecross peninsula to the village of the same name the weather started to clear.On Tuesday we climbed Beihn Allign ( nice mountain anyway ) in sunny weather.On Wednesday we stayed at a nice camping in Invergarry.

On thursday we left a foggy Invergarry early in the morning at 6:30 to climb one of the greatest mountains one the scottisch mainland : Ladhar Beihn. From the A82 it's a nice 35 km drive threw Glen Gary and along the side of Loch Quich to Kinlochhourn.

The road to Kinlochhourn

Reindeer on the road to Kinlochhourn.

At 8:00 o'clock we arrived in Kinlochhourn, here you can park your car for a half pound for one day and one pound for more days you must dump the money in a old can at the car park.Kinlochhourn is a remote village and a strange place, there's life but only no sign of it.

kinlochhourn is peaceful...

Looking back to Kinlochhourn.

From Kinlochhourn it's approximately 10 km to Barrisdale.A path goes along the shore of Loch Hourn. Loch Hourn is a beautiful loch, narrow with very steep hillsides it looks like a Norwegian fjord.

From kinlochhourn to Barrisdale bay is 7 miles

Loch Hourn ( looking to the east ).

On our way we passed 2 small cottages Skiary ( which in the 19th century used to offer accommodation ) and Runival both in idyllic settings. At approximately 10.30 we arrived in Barrisdale.

Ladhar Bheinn on the Background

Approaching Barrisdale Bay, with Ladhar Beihn on the background..

Barrisdale bay is only accesible by foot!

Barrisdale Bay.

When we reached Barrisdale Bay the sky became more clear. Barrisdale is a very quiet peaceful place. There's one little farm and apart from the little village of Inverie ( a walk of 28 km from Barrisdale ) this area of 55 square miles which is called 'the rough bound of knoydart' is inhabitant.

After studying the map we decided to walk up to Creag Bheithe from the bridge.Here you can walk very easily to the ridge at 650 meters. Another more easy way is, witch we find out later, is that follow the path into Coire Dhorrcail and follow the ridge to Stob Chearcaill.

Stob a Chearciall

Stob a Chearcaill a nice climb ( can be difficult in winter ).

From the ridge we climbed Stob a Chearcaill, wich is a nice looks difficult but a way can be found threw the rocks to the top.

From Stob a Chearcaill you can look to Ladhar Beihn and Coire Dhorcail wich is quite spectacular.Looking to Ladhar Bheinn







Coire Dhorrcail from Stob a Chearcaill.

From Stob a Chearcaill it's nice walk ( sometimes a little climbing ) to ladhar Beihn.

You can be a bit confused in wich is the actual Ladhar Beihn, it's NOT the cairn but the summit is a 100 metres to the west, to make things confusing there's also a OS trig point a hunderd metres further to the west.

Thursday 30 april 15:00 hrs.

Ladhar Beihn ( 1020 m ) provides a spectacular view towards loch Hourn.

En nu een Bavaria

Looking to the South ( en nu een Bavaria !! )

After drinking a few cans of beer we followed the ridge towards Stob a' Chiore Odhair and ascented to Coire Dhorrcaill, from there a path leades to Barrisdale.

We were back at 8 p.m. in Kinlochhourn, it was a day to remember !

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