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This section contains some nice utilities I wrote myself. These programs are absolutely free!

FileJoin 3.1 (22k) Simple no-nonsense file joiner I wrote myself. Especially when you download from newsgroups, you sometimes miss one or more files. For example, you have NiceMovie.mpg.001, NiceMovie.mpg.002 and NiceMovie.mpg.004 ... NiceMovie.mpg.500, but NiceMovie.mpg.003 is missing. All file joiners I could find, just joined NiceMovie.mpg.001 and NiceMovie.mpg.002. So I decided to write a file joiner myself. FileJoin joins all files up to the last part even if some parts are missing. Of course, when you watch NiceMovie.mpg, you'll see a hick-up where NiceMovie.mpg.003 supposed to be. But heck, it's better than nothing!
If you remove all split files and someone (re)posts NiceMovie.mpg.003, FileJoin 2.1 and later can even add this file to NiceMovie.mpg at exactly the right position. It's even possible to replace a part (if it appeared to be corrupt). However, NiceMovie.mpg must have been created with FileJoin 2.0 or later.
ODBCTest (26k) A small handy program to test an ODBC connection. A manual is included.
zip32.dll (70k) An encypion-enabled zip dll. I didn't write the entire source myself. In fact, I just made a tiny change to the original source: For me, the original VB sample program from Info-ZIP didn't seem to work properly. I needed to change the DLL and the VisualBasic sample program. For more information on Info-ZIP, please go to my Compression Tools page.

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