What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a gift to you, (translation from the Sanskrit: "knowledge of life") is the oldest method in the world to keep your health and to anticipate for diseases. She is the traditional science of nature in the old en the modern India. Ayurveda, a gift to you, is educated to big universities en is part of the regular medical science. She uses oil massages, psychology, cures to clean, healthy herbs, and way of food. The purpose of Ayurveda, a gift to you, is to let the men function in balance and in harmony, men is unanimity of body, soul and spirit, and should be treated this way. The Ayurvedic principles are still topical and are used all over the world.

Personal constitution
According to Ayurveda, a gift to you, the universe is created, shaped and arranged by awareness, awareness contains five big elements: ether, air, fire, water and soil. In the constitution (mind-body system) of a human being we find back five elements in the three basic principles that Ayurveda calls dosha's. Each of these three dosha's -vata, pitta, kapha - has a specific influence of our functioning. In every person these dosha's are active at the same time, only the activity differences from men to men. For some vata is dominating (vata types), for others pitta or kapha (pitta or kapha types), combinations are possible.
Vata is the principle of movement: it arranges the blood circulation, the movement of food and even the movement of feelings and ideas in our world of thought. Vata comes from the elements of ether and air. People with a vata-constitution are physically light and have a dry skin, a irregular hunger and digestion, they hate cold weather, are very movable and active, catch information very fast and forget the information fast as well, they sleep light and bend for worrying.
Pitta is the principle of transformation and comes from the element fire. Pitta is responsible for the digestion and metabolism. People with a pitta constitution are strong and build athletic, intelligent; orderliness and visual minded. They are warm very soon and a strong digestion, are thirsty, fast irritated and enterprising, love coolness and are good speakers.
Kapha is the principle of structure and comes from the elements soil and water. She is necessary for the shape of our muscle, bone and nerve system. People with a kapha constitution are built heavily, have a fat skin and a slow digestion, sleep quiet, sleep long en steady, are quiet and mindful, not fast irritated, take information slow to them selves, and have a good memory. Through inner or outer circumstances the dosha's can get out of balance.

Natural balance of body and mind
The Ayurvedic advices and treatments are there to keep or to restore your natural balance of body and mind.