The treatment

What can Ayurveda give you?
Ayurveda is meant to keep the balance or to bring you in balance again. By your own insight you can take action to feel good about and with yourself in all circumstances. Being in balance of mind, body and soul. When you feel yourself less in contact with yourself you can take care of yourself, through your own conscious. The tools will be offered to you.

What can you expect from an Ayurvedic treatment?
A conversation, so the best oil can be used for you of that moment, a massage with heated oil and afterwards we speak about the treatment. Before you leave you will receive a report with the contents of the conversation, the used oil(s), the usage of the oil(s) and the progress, and if necessary with advices.

Purpose of the treatment?
Take care of yourself under all circumstances. The choice for being authentic.
What kind of effect does the treatment give you?
o Being in control with your body, your life by getting tools to arrange your own reactions, so you know you have the control over your own life.
o Through your own awareness I make touchable the way you really feel.
o I show you your own traps
o I show you possibilities which you can choose within your own possibilities.
o Through Yoga exercises, which I speak through with you during the treatment.
o After the treatment you will have room in your head again. At this moment I treat a lot of people who are thinking all the time and don't know how to quit thinking. And the same reaction always is: "Gee, I really have an empty head, incredible!"
o After the treatment you feel in contact with your own peace which is present in everyone.

What can I offer you during the treatment?
My treatment is focussed on offering the possibilities in safety. To think how to get rid of everything which makes your life hard to live.

But where you didn't have used the tools yet so you can change or adjust, so your life is getting more beautiful then it was ever before.

My biggest force is to make people think. Which make positive changes possible. From your own personal situation within your possibilities. Everyone has an speed in development. One person is middle, one person is slow and an other person is quick. De speed of development will be followed by me. Spiritual growth is an important part of my treatment. Spirituality is the way you feel or believe which you have given tools in your life.

This means concrete that the awareness of everything what is aware or unaware stock in your mind. The automatic reactions, the reactions you don't think about but where you react, based on your standards and values. After being aware you can decide what you still need, or what you don't need anymore. Because I sense a lot you don't have to explain everything, So we can work on faster to your possibilities from now

Who is suited for this treatment?
This treatment is suited for everyone who wants to play the main part in their own play, their life. It is about being authentic, under all circumstances.