Tired Of Loving This Way...

Bobbie Eakes and Collin RayeBobbie Eakes and Collin Raye's duet "Tired Of Loving This Way" will be released as a single in Holland. It should be available at your local record store on Decemeber 4th. Below is the press release from Sony, first my English translation and then the original in Dutch:

Bobbie Eakes (also known as Macy on the popular daytime TV show "The Bold and the Beautiful,") recently signed a recording deal with Sony Nashville. The well-known performer has not only made a name for herself as an acress, but also as a singer. Singing is her biggest passion.

President Allen Butler of Sony Nashville describes Bobbie as "a natural" and "a creative miracle with unbelievable potential". She had her first commercial successes as a singer with the "Bold and Beautiful Duets" albums, which were worldwide hits.

Bobbie takes up every opportunity to sing. One of those opportunities was singing a duet with Colin Raye. Collin Raye is a multi-platinum country music artist of the Sony Nashville label. Collin has already made nine albums, the latest of which, "Tracks," will soon be released in Holland.

In the U.S, Collin Raye is one of the top 8 Countrypop artists. Collin Raye has already had 10 number 1 hits on the country charts, and nearly all of his albums have reached the platinum status.

With the ballad "Tired of loving this way," Collin & Bobbie prove to be a vocally perfect team, and will also turn out to be the basis on which Sony Nashville's presence in Europe will be built. Soon, Collin Raye's (Tracks) and Bobbie Eakes' (title unknown) solo albums will also be released in Europe.

October 2000.


Bobbie Eakes (bekend als Macy uit de zeer succesvolle serie "The Bold and the Beautiful" heeft kortgeleden een platencontract getekend bij Sony Nashville. De alom gewaardeerde actrice heeft naast haar acteertalent ook een behoorlijke naam opgebouwd als zangeres. Zingen is haar grote passie.

Door de president van Sony Nashville (Allen Butler) wordt Bobbie omschreven als "een natuurtalent" en "een creatief wonder met ongelooflijke mogelijkheden". Haar eerste commerciŽle successen als zangeres vierde ze met het "the Bold and the Beautiful" duetten album, een wereldwijd zeer succesvol concept.

Elke kans die ze krijgt om te zingen grijpt ze aan. Zo ook de mogelijkheid om een duet te zingen met Collin Raye. Collin Raye is een multi-platina country artiest op het label Sony Nashville. Collin heeft inmiddels alweer negen albums op zijn naam staan. Waarvan zijn laatste getiteld "Tracks" binnenkort in Nederland zal verschijnen.

In de U.S.A. behoort Collin Raye bij de top 8 van Countrypop artiesten. Collin Raye heeft tot nu toe 10 nummer 1 hits (in de countrylijsten) op zijn naam staan naast het feit dat zijn albums bijna allemaal platina zijn.

Met de ballade "Tired of loving this way" laten Collin & Bobbie horen vocaal een perfect team te zijn en zal de basis gelegd worden voor de introductie van het label Sony Nashville in Europa. Binnenkort zullen ook de solo albums van Collin Raye (Tracks) en Bobbie Eakes (titel nog niet bekend) in Europa uitkomen.

Oktober 2000.


Discography and awards Collin Raye:


#1 Singles:

  • "Someone You Used To Know" - 1999
  • "I Can Still Feel You" - 1998
  • "What The Heart Wants" - 1997
  • "Not That Different" - 1996 #1 Video at CMT
  • "One Boy, One Girl" - 1995
  • "My Kind Of Girl" - 1995
  • "If I Were You" - 1995
  • "Little Rock" - 1994 CMA Song of the Year nominee (#11 Video of the Year at CMT)
  • "That Was A River" - 1993 Heavy rotation video at CMT
  • "In This Life" - 1992 (Became the wedding song of 1992 #1 Video on CMT)
  • "Love Me" - 1991

. . . AWARDS

  • 1998 Dove Award for Country Recorded Song of the Year
  • 1997 Academy of Country Music Video of the Year "I Think About You"


  • 2000 Academy of Country Music Association Top Male Vocalist Nominee
  • 1998 Academy of Country Music Association
  • Top Male Vocalist Nominee 1997
  • Academy of Country Music Association Top Male Vocalist Nominee 1997
  • Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee 1996
  • Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee

October 2000