On this page I have collected some samples of songs of European birds. To have an undisturbed playing it is required to have the Realplayer installed (v. 5 or higher). If you haven't yet the player, click on the icon to obtain a free download


The Song of the Bullfinch

Only the male sing and they are not very good at it. They, however, are able to imitate other birds or even sounds of machines, engines etc. On this sample you can hear the call of the female bird and the response of the male

The Song of the Goldfinch

The goldfinch has a beautiful song with a lot of variety. In spring they never get tired and sing the whole day. Just because of the song the goldfinch is interbred with canaries or other good singers

The Song of the Siskin

Also the siskin has a beautiful song. Both male and female sing, but the male song is more melodic and the male sings all spring and summer

The Song of the Crossbill

The Song of the Greenfinch

The song of the green finch is not very melodic, but they song at least very persisting. Especially in groups the siound is very well recognisable