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Jan van de Veen Nijkerk, The Netherlands


WANG 2200 computers


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WANG desktop calculators


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Dear visitor !

This is not an official WANG museum, but just a collection of WANG machines that I collected over the years. Did I ever work for WANG ? No, but I worked with their machines from 1972 up to 1995. My professional carrier was in Agricultural Research and mainly the 2200 computers where used for data collection and data analyses.

I have developed a lot of software on these machines and some code is even running today. Not on WANG equipment anymore, but on a HP RS6000 running the Kerridge emulation package.

Almost every machine that you will see, if you make a selection of one of the four items showed on this page, is in the museum. Are they all working ? I am afraid not. It is very hard to keep them alive as some machines are now more then 40 years old !

Moreover I am not qualified in electronics and I have another hobby that takes a lot of time and effort.
 I have some full size historic steam engines. We rally these engines all over Europe from April up to October.
If you would like to know more about this hobby just click on the image below.