RxWings v2.3

RxWings v2.3
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RxWings v2.3 has been released 17 Dec '08.
The main purpose of this release is to integrate the current program in a single distribution package as a selfextracting file that makes it very easily to install directly the latest version.
At the same time some new features are added in the longterm timer programming area, a 24 hr cyclic timer and a timer controlled by a file with date & timestamps
To download the new -all in one- Manual (~2.5 MB) or Setup file (~7.8 MB) click in the download links in the left lower part.

RxWings runs also on Windows Vista PC's. During tests with Vista Home Premium, only one well-known Vista quirk was encountered, that easily can be worked around. Therefore, if UAC is enabled, it is advised, both for setup and normal use, to start the program with the 'Run as Administrator' option.

Also the source code of RxWings v2.3 can be made available to other programmers for non-commercial use. Just drop me a mail at rxwingsatplanetdotnl

Main Features of the Program

RxWings is a computer program to support Medium Wave & Short Wave Listining with your AOR AR7030, JRC NRD535/545 and/or TenTec RX320.

The program will support the following MWL & SWL activities :

As the name suggests, the program has the aim 'to give your receiver wings'

For more information consult the RxWings v2.3 Manuual of 75 pages with 70 screenshots.