Downloadpage for free PC sources.

The following sources need  Win32Forth version 6.15
download  the program and run the exe-file to install the pack.
Use win32forthIDE.exe for projects, forms. to edit and compile sources,
Most important keys in the IDE are there:
F1 leads you to the help system.
F12 Compiles the opened project or source.

A 3D demo.

The viewer shows you images one by one or in a slide show.
The following files can be shown: *.bmp; *.jpg; *.ico; *.pcd; *.psd; *.pcx; *.ppm; *.pgm; *.pbm; *.png; *.ras; *.tga; *.tif
The program is also able to save them as a bitmap.
Compile 4FreeImage.f to generate a turnkey application.
Changes this version:
Added rotating, flipping, zooming and moving in the viewport.
On a fast PC zooming gives the same experience as turning on a zoomlens to change magnification.
Keep Ctrl pressed and press the UP or DOWN key to zoom in or out.
Zooming etc. also works in fullscreen mode
Now you can go forward or backwards in a manual slideshow.
Also added:
- an endless automatic slideshow.
- a fullscreen mode.
- accelerator keys to the menus.
- a popupmenu.
- a SUI ( Social User Interface ).
When you would like to show a number of pictures you are no longer hooked to your PC or mouse anymore.
You can be sitting beteen your friends showing them your pictures
using a full screen and a remote 10 button joystick to control the slideshow.
That could be nice when your PC is also connected to your HD TV or an other big screen.
It is also possible to rotate, flip, zoom and move a picture using the joystick.
Hit button 4 of the joystick to zoom in.
Other functions and the needed buttons of the joystick are shown in the menu between parentheses.
Push the Joystick to move the picture in the viewport
Open a picture before starting the slide show.
Read readme.txt for a number of tips and notes.

A pack that shows how a bitmap can be resized, shown and saved in a simple way.
Compile BmpCommands.f 

The program Calculates your overweight , or worse.
Compile BmiWin.f
Started as a one-liner :-)

2 sided bouncing against triangles in 3D. Just hit some keys like <Up><PageDown> or<z>
to browse into the scene. Interested in OpenGL? See 
The red book.

Lists Guids and Interfaces in 2 txt files.
Compile ComList.f and read/follow the instructions.

The hibernator might safe you energy costs. EG: A process needs much time to compute. When it is complete the process becomes idle. The hibernator is able to spot this and will try to put the PC in the hibernate state after one minute. When the hibernate state is not possible it will try to put your PC in a suspend mode.
NOTE: The program has only been tested under XP Professional. There is no support to configure your windows system in the right way as is described in the helpwindow.

Enables you to use 2 + 3 * 4 / 5 instead of 2 3 4 * 5 / +
At the end of the source are examples about calculating interest.
It is also possible to use infix.f to make a formula faster.
The example  shows how this can be done.

A socket library written by Marcel Hendrix. It can also be used in VfxForth3, SwiftForth20, iForth20, gforth-fast and eForth64. The pack includes a nano-IRC client and email client.

JukeboxIn4Th is a program that is designed to play music requests in a certain order defined by the user or by the build in random traveler.
The JukeboxIn4Th has a web server, so one or more smartphones, tablets or laptops with WiFi can be used as a remote control for the JukeboxIn4Th. The web interface is a server-side application for the client. There is no need for Java.
The JukeboxIn4Th needs at least windows XP and Directx 8.1.
It runs best in Windows 7 or better with an iCore7 since it uses all your hardware threads for parallel searching.
Installation and compile instruction:

  1. Unzip including the subdirectory somewhere on your hard drive.
    For Vista and higher: Unzip in ANOTHER directory than the “Program Files” directory.
  2. Start win32forthIDE.exe ( Part of Win32Forth installation pack )
  3. Open JukeboxIn4Th.f
  4. Hit <F12>
  5. JukeboxIn4Th.exe will be compiled and started.
  6. After 2 dialog boxes you are ready and able to travel through your music collection using the random traveler. Just hit the button Rnd as soon as your catalog is filled.

New in this version:
- Faster scanning through a directory tree.
- Adapted for the new MultiTaskingClass.

Juliav444 draws various Julia and Mandelbrot fractals.
Compile Julia_tk.f in Win32Forth version 6.15 for a new turnkey application.
The program will use all the hardware threads of your CPU to make a plot.
Each thread handles its own section. Plotting a mandelbrot on my PC takes 108 ms at 1900x1200 using 4 cores.

New in this version:
- Added the option Uninterrupted calculations.
- Adapted for the new MultiTaskingClass

Downloads each minute a number of selected quotes from Yahoo and displays them in the console. Change DownLoadList.txt for your own quotes.

Download NeHeLessonsIn4th 
The NeHe lessons are a serie of demos and tutorials to guide one through a number of features of OpenGL. Compile _NeHeLessonsIn4th.f 
The orginal sources are available in various languages at:
Thanks to Timothy Trussell I was able to port 24 lessons to Win32Forth.
The original sources of Timothy can be downloaded from the Taygeta Forth Achive at:

The use of several threads can increase the speed of a program.
This pack compares 2 ways to perform parallel computing.
One with OpenCL and one using my MultiTaskingClass.f.
Compile Paralleltest.f to see the results.
Note: OpenCL is able to work on a number GPU's and CPU's.

The program opens or closes CD and DVD door(s).
Compile RomDoorWindow.f.

The RtfGenerator can be used for colorization of text in a RTF control.
The generator supports also features like:  bold, underlining, highlighting, different fonts, the use of a number of properties of fonts and text macros. Just open RtfWindow.f in the Win32ForthIDE and press F12 to see it working

A simulation for 4 players or more who keep their results in a scoreboard.
It started as a demo and ended in a speedtest. It is able to do both.
Mshell-rel is able to sort and index records. It has the following characteristics:

  1. It uses relative pointers. So there is no need to generate the same pointers again when they are used in a memory mapped file.
  2. Multiple keys can be used and sorted in one go.
  3. The number of keys is only limited by the unused size of the stack.
  4. Each key can be sorted in an ascending or descending way.
  5. A key may contain a float, an integer or a string.
  6. The sort is case-insensitive for strings.
  7. Possible to expand to sort floats and doubles etc.

To test the impact when SIMD is used in several threads at the same time. It requires a small patch (extending the assembler). See simd.doc

Allows you to test 12 sort methods ( records and cells ) for speed and stability
Compile testall.f to see the results.

Download ( Last update: September 18, 2018 contains the latest version of the following files

File: Newest feature:
Cpu.f Shows information and a number of features of your Pentuim.
Number.f Shows numbers according to the international settings of the control panel. Limit: +/- 18.446.744.073.709.551.615
Toolset.f A number of handy words.
Config.f For saving data, variables and strings in a file.
SetExecutionState.f To prevent the screen saver or the sleep mode.
Graphics.f To plot pixels or draw lines. (No multiple threads are used.)
ReformatStrings.f A utillity to show a long string in short lines (New file)

To wake up another PC within a LAN when right configured and when possible. It is done by sending a magic packet.

May the Forth be with you.

Last updated: september 20, 2020.

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