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.....on the genealogywebsite of the Van der Poel family which has its origins in the "Kromme-Rijn-area", more specific in Werkhoven, located under the city of Utrecht. The oldest known document was drafted from the marriage register of the Roman Catholic parish Werkhoven and is dated "In 't laast of ocktober" of the year 1672. Jan Teunisse van der Poel then married Niesje Gerrits of Velpen. In 1722, however, the couple leaves for Odijk which is the cradle of all the investigated families Van der Poel. From there they fanned out to Haarzuilens or IJsselstein to set forth their profession as farmer or otherwise in the city of Utrecht in order to earn their meager living. In addition to the Van der Poels that remained loyal to the province of Utrecht a significant part ended up in regions and places beyond. Many descendants today live in Werkhoven, IJsselstein and Wijk bij Duurstede while others settled in Amsterdam and Tilburg.
By the marriage of my great-grandmother Maria Gertrudis Limpens with Antonius Theodorus van der Poel in 1907 my grandfather was "legitimated" and went to wear the surname Van der Poel. Out of respect for that fact I made a genealogy Van der Poel.

Here shall be collected all the genealogical data of our family and related families. You can find here also the actual familytrees of the families Schleijper, Debets and Meijs. Should you require additional information or corrections, please send an email to jvdpo66@planet.nl. Information such as dates of birth or death notices or old family or wedding pictures and pictures of tombstones are all welcome. Thanks for your help.

Joost van der Poel

Origin familyname

Poel, van de / der verklaring: Duidt op bewoning van een plek met een poel (waterplas, moeras) of in de nabijheid van een lokatie genaamd De Poel. Er kan eventueel verwarring met het woord pol = '(opgeworpen) hoogte' zijn opgetreden; vergelijk bijvoorbeeld de naam Aalpoel versus Aalpol.

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