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The Mission Reports

Howling Wolf 359

A scientific research team goes missing on the distant colonyworld of Wolf 359. A Synner team is dispatched to investigate.

Protect and Serve

Not all hostile lifeforms live in outer space. A hostage situation in New York is getting ugly, and it's time to send in the special forces.

R 'n R

The team is assigned some light duty overseeing the construction of a settlement on the colonyworld of Alpha Centauri. However, the 'vacation' comes to an abrupt end when one of the workers goes missing.

The Sands of Epsilon Indi

A research outpost in the stormswept deserts of Epsilon Indi needs an emergency evac for an injured scientist.

In Space, No-One Can Hear You Scream

An interstellar transport sends out a distress-signal from the depths of space. The Synners are sent to investigate.

On Frozen Ground

The boys at R&D love their live specimens, but someone has to go and get them. The Synners put on their woolly mittens as they prepare to venture into the snowy wastes of Ross 248.

White Hunter, Black Heart

A wealthy big-game hunter has imported some very illegal prey to his Madagascar hunting grounds.

Apocalypse Now

No mere bomb-shelter is gonna save you now...

The Long Night Begins

The evacuation of a research division in Australia turns into a fullfledged refugee-crisis.

Earth Strikes Back

This time, it's beyond personal.

From Russia With Love

A Siberian high-tech production facility must be safeguarded as Death spreads its cloak across the land.

Where The Blood Goes

The team is sent on an unsupervised mission to the Philippines to retrieve a stolen shipment of explosives. Time for Hawaiian shirts and lots of action.

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Department of Research and Development

Gurps Conversion

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"It seemed like a good idea at the time. To get myself cloned, and get a fat government pension and a bit of immortality for my trouble. So I signed up for the program, making my way through endless physical and psychological tests before they finally decided that I was suitable material. When I woke up in the hospital after the cloning, I asked a doctor if I could get to see my clone before going home. The doctor just looked at me and told me that I was already seeing my clone. It took a few moments before the meaning of his words sank in."

"And now I'm here, in the jungles of Sigma Draconis, 18 lightyears from a home that isn't mine anymore and a family that doesn't even know I'm gone. Our commanding officer is dead, we're almost out of ammo, and our heavy weapons expert has got some kind of parasite stuck to her neck. And the ominous chirping sounds that have been coming from the jungle for the past hour probably aren't just the local version of crickets."

"I keep thinking that somewhere back on Earth is the original me, living the good life with the money I make him. They tell me it's illogical to hate him, that his decisions were mine as much as they were his, but I don't care. One of these days I'm going to find him, and share some of the pain. That is, if I ever make it out of this Hell-hole of a jungle…"

Private 1st class James "Hotshot" Wheeler, UTRPF