How to zip and unzip files with XP

This page is meant to show how to easily zip and unzip files with XP.
People using XP are often spoiled in this regard, because their OS has a built-in ability to make and unpack compessed files.
Once you know how, it is very easy, so I'm going to show you some screenshots.
When you receive a file with the extension .zip XP will give you these options when you rightclick it.
extract all
It is a good habit to do this before using the files inside. If you don't XP will create a Temp folder to run the unzipped file from. This might interfere with the proper functioning of the file.
For example: HijackThis will not be able to make backups when it is run from the zip-file.

When someone requests you to zip files before sending or uploading them, these are your options:
1. - Rightclick in an empty space of an explorer window and from the menu choose "New" > "Compressed (zipped) Folder" as shown below:
new compressed
Give the new folder a name and you can copy & paste files into it.

2. - If all the files you want to zip are in one folder or you only want one file, you can use the SendTo option as shown below:
Send to

Hope it helps.

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