The BX 4TC 
In the early 80's Citroen decided it was time to join the rally scene. In the mid 80's rival Peugeot was doing very well in their 205 T-16, Citroen was ofcourse anxious to be just as succesfull. After having doubts wetter to enter with eiter a mid-engined Visa 1000 Pistes or a front-engined BX citroen decided to use it's number one seller the BX. In order to compete in Group B of rallying Citroen had to make 200 road going copies of the rallycar. And so the birth of the BX 4TC was a fact. Derived from it's bigger brother (the BX 4TC EVO) a front-engined four wheel driven road going rally monster was created in a limited number of 200 cars.

Engine specifications:
4 cylinders, 2142cc, 8 valves (chain-driven overhead camshaft).
K-jetronic Bosch fuelinjection.
Garrett turbo-compressor.
Bore/stroke: 91,4mm x 81,6 mm
Compression ratio: 7/1
Maximum RPM: 6000
Maximum power: 200bhp at 5250 rpm
Maximum torque: 30 mkg at 2750 rpm
Weight: 1280 kg
Maximum speed: 220 km/h +
0-100 km/h: 7,5 seconds
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Image of bx 4tc transparant.jpg

The 4TC had some looks of the popular BX-Sport, parts of the bumpers, scirts, spoilers and interior were the same. It also had a lot of novelties, like a different dashboard, engine, gearbox, bonnet and ofcourse the four wheel drive system. Sales of this exclusive Citroen were not very high, infact only 62 out of 200 were sold. Many showed problems wich Citroen solved by buying back the car and scarpping it !!! Estimations of howmany are left are vary somewhere around 30 cars.

Image of bx 4tc factory.jpg
You can read the original sales brochure of the BX 4TC by clicking here, (French/English) or here (German), also there currently is a BX 4TC for sale in France (for only 22800 euro), click here to view it.

The interior of the 4TC shows many simelarities with that of the BX Sport (notice the 3 spoke leather steering wheel !!!), the booth however is considerably smaller, this ofcourse because of the 4x4 system under the car.

In the days of the BX 4TC a styling company called Politechnic developed this bodykit for the series BX's, to make it look like the brutal rally monster...