Links Page

Squadra 33 
A great (dutch) site by some Alfa 33 fanatics, a great members gallery and messageboard.

The Alfa 33 discussion list 
An international shrine for Alfa 33 owners, got a problem with your 33 (again..?) post it here.

Alfa Romeo di Sergio 
A great site, lots of technical info, 33 parts and pictures.

Mmd's Alfa Page 
Alfa 33 page by Matthias from Marburg Germany.

De Alfa Romeo pagina 
A Dutch site with links to many Dutch Alfisti.

AH Motorsport homepage 
Thinking about going the extra mile with your 33? Check these Alfisti out.

Keith Walker's homepage 
Alfa 33 guru Keith knows almost everthing about our pride and joy.

Niclas Liebeck's Alfa 33 register 
Sign up your 33 in Niclas' wordwide register !!!

André Vuurboom's homepage 
André designed some white dials for your 33, both 1.3 / 1.5 and 1.7 engines.

Some women cralwed behind the wheel of these fine cars 
I know, this link shouldn't be in here, but take a peek anyway when being bored at work...

33 series 1 convertionpage 
Patrick (aka Panch)  build a 16v engine into his series 1 33.

Alfa Romeo tuning page 
Enrique Garcia set up this page about some wildly spoilered Alfa's.

Turbo charge your 33 1.5 Ti...? It has been done...
Tim has setup this site about an Alfa Sud that has been turbo charged.