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So you want to know more about me, well were shall I start...I was born in Hoorn on january the 13th in 1977. For people from a far Hoorn is in the Netherlands (next to England). I have one older brother (Rogier) and a younger sister (Hebe). After attending the elementry school and highschool (succesfully) I studied for two years at the University of Amsterdam (unsuccesfully...). After the University I started a study at the Hogeschool Holland, at wich I got my bachelors in Management, Economics and Law (sort of MBA) in the summer of 2002. I live in Amsterdam, in a beautifull penthouse at only 10 minutes distance of the Heineken factory. To pay the bills of my Alfa, the BX, the penthouse and the pubs I earn my money by working for Dirk Scheringa. He owns a mayor company (DSB Group) specialised in banking (mainly savings and personal loans) and insurances. 
Enough about all that, who am I and what do I like...well I gues the background picture gives me away  a little as did the previous page...but what should you talk to me about if you were a girl trying to pick me up (except Alfa's, Citroens or Heinekens). 

If you want to talk sports with me mention PSV, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill (or racing in general (WRC, 500cc bikes, Indycars or Nascar)), Miguel Indurain or something about Tennis (peferably off-court). Tennis is another hobby of mine, I'm a retired player but played at very high level. You may have enjoyed my game at "het badgasten toernooi" in Egmond aan Zee, legendary maches in the B1 doubles with Thijs Sampras (big-sky champion for the Montana State University). 

If you want to talk politics just say VVD or nothing at all... 

I'm a great fan of James Bond (007 licenced to kill), have all the Bond movies and even dress like him sometimes. other movies that I like are movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Roger Rabbit. Starwars, Top Gun and Rounders aren't to bad either. 

When it comes to music I almost like everthing. Hard rock, is my favorite (play me Whitesnake, or Pearl Jam anytime), Queen, Guns 'n Roses and the Off Spring are not to bad either, but I also enjoy Don McLean (american pie) and Billy Joel (the pianoman). André Hazes is my alltime favorite dutch singer, but I wouldn't play "'n Vriend" when I'm around though... 

What games do I like to play on my PC, well growing up with my Commodore Amiga (Lotus, and Grand Prix I) I turned to the racing simulations. My Logitech Force Feedback wheel and me love to play Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2, Colin McRae Rally and Grand Prix Legends. If I'm not racing behind my screen then I'm either playing Pinball or Command and Conquer. I'm saving for a new PC because these games are getting rather old and games like Porsche Challenge Unleashed and CMR 3 won't run ont he old machine.

As  a kid I got hooked on the Pinball machine at our tennis club, STARWARS, cost me quite a fortune, but hey I loved that machine. In those days the remainings of my money went in my Garfield (the fat selfish orange cat) collection. 

My friends, are the coolest of all...we support the Heineken factory in Zoeterwoude a lot, and to stop their wining about all the party pictures they want (and I've promissed to them about a year ago) I've opend up a little picture gallery...enter if you dare... 

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The name is Koper, Jorik Koper...

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