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The Culkin Family

This outdated picture shows us all of the children born to the Culkin family. Patricia Brentrup and Christopher Culkin gave birth to 5 boys (Rory, Macaulay, Christian, Kieran and Shane) and 2 girls (Dakota and Quinn).

Names that are mostly known are, Macaulay and Kieran for their acting performances, but also Shane, Christian, Rory and Quinnessa have been performing.

The movie that gave the big break trough was "Home Alone", in which both Macaulay and Kieran performed.

The Mighty
The release date of Kieran's latest movie is nearing. A Miramax film "The Mighty" will be released shortly, in which we will all be able to witness the latest performance of Kieran Culkin.
Macaulay Culkin
Born: August 26, 1980
Birthplace: New York
Current Residence: New York

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue

  • American Comedy Awards 1994; Best Male performer in a motion picture
  • Golden Globe Awards 1991; Nominated Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture

Movie Performances:
    1988 Rocket Gibraltar
    1989 See you in the morning
    1989 Uncle Buck
    1990 Jacob's Ladder
    1990 Home Alone
    1991 My Girl
    1991 Only the Lonely
    1992 Home Alone 2
    1993 The Good Son
    1993 The Nutcracker
    1994 The Pagemaster
    1994 Getting Even with Dad
    1994 Richie Rich

Kieran Culkin
Born: September 30, 1982
Birthplace: New York
Current Residence: New York (Manhattan)

Movie Performances:
    1990 Home Alone (Fuller)
    1991 Father of the Bride (Matty Banks)
    1991 Only the Lonely (Patrick Jr)
    1992 Home Alone2 (Fuller)
    1993 Nowhere to Run (Mookie)
    1994 It runs in the family (Ralphie Parker)
    1995 Father of the Bride II (Matty Banks)
    1996 Amanda (Biddle)
Based on the information found in various sources, this movie is described as the big break through for Kieran. Expectations are up high, even expecting award nominations to be awaiting.

The movie "The Mighty" itself has been described as follows:

Based on the acclaimed novel by Rodman Philbrick, The Mighty is the hilarious, inspirational story of 13-year-old Maxwell Kane,(Elden Hensen) a giant boy in size 14 shoes who's slow in school, short on courage, and long on not fitting in. Then, he meets Kevin,(Kieran Culkin) a tiny Einstein in leg braces with more smarts, lip and nerve than any kid in town. Both have been outcasts all their lives. To the local hoods, they're Frankenstein and Igor. But together, they form an unbeatable combination: an imposing force with an iron will and a wild imagination. Their adventures - both mythical and real-world - will prepare them for fights they never thought they could face, and discoveries they've never imagined.

<Picture> Kieran Culkin and Elden Henson combine forces to become "The Mighty"

Already this movie has received quotes like "a real tear jerker" and "Expect lots of buzz over this movie it is gonna be gold". Let us all look forward to this big hit, and wish all the best for Kieran.

The Culkin FanSITE
Discussion Board

isitors of the Macaulay Culkin Website are probably well known with this discussion board. In this column I will try to give the inside on the latest developments in there. You can use the Culkin FanSITE Discussion Board link to access the Discussion board.

In the past months the discussion board has really come to live. It has shown to be a fruitful ground for many Culkin related issues. Unfortunately some people seem to enjoy trashing this place with their indecent messages, spoiling the fun for the others. But lately it looks like it has calmed down.

The main subject in the past weeks has been Kieran. His upcomming new movie seems to attract a lot of attention, as it should!

The board itself gets visited by many from around the world, and even from those that reside in the movie industry. As all of them remain anonymous, it is no telling what is actually true about the messages. But in all, it is a great place to get a glimpse of what is going on in the world of the Culkins and their great acting performances.

Changing Times

n the past year we have heared a lot about the Culkin custody battles. After living together for 21 years, the parents of the Culkin family separated in March 1995. Because of the fact that they were never married, many items had to be resolved including the career management of their children. In the end it has been agreed that Patricia Brentrup (The mother) gets custody of the children. Managing the careers (financially) is taken away from the parents, allowing for the focus to get back on performances.

During these turbulent times, Macaulay interrupted his movie career. His last movie performance was in 1994 for "Richie Rich". After that a long period of silence, but now it seems that Macaulay is looking at scripts again and that we can await a performance from him in about a year or so.

News on this states that he was offered to play the role of River Phoenix in a film on his live. But for good reasons Mac decided to pass on the project. Let us all hope that soon an other great script will present itself. We are all looking forward to it! Hey Mac, put your magic spell on us again, and present us with yet another great acting performance.

The information given on this page are not originating from any official source. The best effort has been made to have this information reflect the truth. If however for what ever reason you feel that improper information is listed, please let met know and I will correct it.
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