3DubbelDutch presents twelve musicians in 3 fine ensembles: Drummers Double Bill, CRAM and Talking Cows. The groups each take their own individual approach to jazz and improvised music. But 3DubbelDutch also involves rare combinations: a composition for 3 drummers and 3 double basses. There is a tension created by the differences among the ensembles: Drummers Double Bill is sleek and cinematic, Talking Cows more melodic, Monk- and Mengelberg-inspired jazz, and CRAM is groovy, electronic, with slightly anarchist tendencies. The sum of the parts is a super swinging big band!

"You hate jazz? ... No worry, you'll like this show."
- Het PAROOL                    

But 3DubbelDutch also allows a glimpse into the three dimensions of a jazz concert: what happens during the performance, what happens in preparation, and what happens behind the scenes. There is an opportunity to ask questions of musicians on stage or give instructions for an improvisation. Find out what is happening in the musical brain of a jazz band, what improvisation is and how it makes you dance. The grande finale will be the 3DubbelDutch BigBand: all 12 musicians playing as one.