NMVB Brabant 1: the L (onderzeel) route

In the spring of 1967 the vicinal route L (Brussels-Londerzeel) was my first encounter with the Brabant Group of the NMVB (=Nationale Maatschappij van Buurtspoorwegen; this is the Flemish version of the company name; the French name is: SNCV= Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Vicinaux).
Together with the route Al barré this route L was the last vicinal route with the famous Standard type motorcars in regular service.

Brussels bound Standard type motorcar 10357 at Impde on 11 April 1968.

During peak hours trailers were used. Motor car 10357 with trailers 19484 en 19434 approaching Londerzeel terminus on 14 August 1968.

Tram service on route L closed gradually. For a time, the truncated part Brussels-Wolvertem survived as a peak hour service L barré, as seen here near the Botanic Gardens on 14 September 1969.

The tramway station of Wolvertem offered a rather idyllic scene: during the day one could see here one or two tramcars awaiting peak hour service on route L barré; motor car 10282 on 16 September 1969.

At the same place as the previous picture, motor car 10288, in the morning sun of 9 April 1969.

Hardly identifiable, but this is a car running on the L barré service: motor car 10282, at a distance followed by N type motor car 10479 (route S); Brussels, Boudewijnboulevard on 18 February 1970.

Part of the timetable of route L(onderzeel) and L barré is shown here. Source: "Algemene Reisgids" van de NMVB (=General Timetable of the NMVB), valid from 30 May 1965 till 21 May 1966.

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