Online catalogue of Archimedean circles

Archimedean circles are circles in the arbelos, congruent to the Archimedean twin circles and with relevant additional properties.

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Archimedean circles

  1. Archimedean circles 1a and 1b: The Archimedean twins

  2. Archimedean circle 2: Bankoff's triplet circle

  3. Archimedean circle 3: Bankoff's quadruplet circle

  4. Archimedean circle 4: Reflection of Bankoff's quadruplet circle

  5. Archimedean circles 5a and 5b: The cousin circles

  6. Archimedean circle 6: The C-circle

  7. Archimedean circles 7a and 7b: The 2nd and 3rd rectangle circles

  8. Archimedean circle 8: The 4th rectangle circle

  9. Archimedean circle 9: The Dearing circle

  10. Archimedean circles 10a and 10b: The Schoch twins

  11. Archimedean circle 11: The Schoch incircle

  12. Archimedean circle 12: The Schoch-Woo circle

  13. Archimedean circle 13: The first Schoch line circle

  14. Archimedean circle 14: The second Schoch line circle

  15. Archimedean circle 15: The Schoch segment circle

  16. Archimedean circle 16: The midpoint reflection of Bankoff's triplet circle

  17. Archimedean circle 17: The midpoint line reflection of Bankoff's triplet circle

  18. Archimedean circle 18: Fourth symmetry of Bankoff's triplet circle

  19. Archimedean circles 19a and 19b: The Schoch intersection point Circles

  20. Archimedean circles 20a and 20b: The lifted Cousin Circles

  21. Archimedean circle 21: The Schoch Tangent Circle

  22. Archimedean circle 22: The Yiu-Woo Circle

  23. Archimedean circle 23: The Yiu-Schoch Circle

  24. Archimedean circles 24a, 24b, 24c, 24d: The Power circles

  25. Archimedean circles 25a and 25b: The Midway semicircle circles

  26. Archimedean circle 26: The Yiu circle

  27. Archimedean circle 27: First reflection of the Triplet circle

  28. Archimedean circle 28: Second reflection of the Triplet circle

  29. Archimedean circles 29a and 29b: The first Radical line pair

  30. Archimedean circles 30a and 30b: The 2nd Radical line pair

  31. Archimedean circles 31a and 31b: The midarc circle pair

  32. Archimedean circles 32a and 32b: The MC circles

  33. Archimedean circles 33a and 33b: Brothers of the quadruplet circles

  34. Archimedean circles 34a and 34b: Older Twins

  35. Archimedean circle 35: The Schoch-Flower circle

  36. Archimedean circles 36a and 36b: The congruent inversion image circles

  37. Archimedean circles 37a and 37b: The Schoch line tangent circles

  38. Archimedean circles 38a, 38b, 38c, 38d: The CD-circle Powerian pairs

  39. Archimedean circles 39a, 39b, 39c, 39d: The O' Powerian pairs
  40. Archimedean circles 40a, 40b, 40c, 40d: The Outside Powerian Pairs
  41. Archimedean circle 41: Reflection of Triplet circle through O'
  42. Archimedean circles 42a and 42b: QTB circles
  43. Archimedean circle 43: Reflection of (A16) through M
  44. Archimedean circles 44a and 44b: First QTB Powerian pair
  45. Archimedean circles 45a and 45b: Second QTB Powerian pair
  46. Archimedean circles 46a, 46b, 46c, 46d: The Common tangent quadruple
  47. Archimedean circles 47a and 47b: The eyeball pair
  48. Archimedean circle 48: External Okumura-Watanabe circle
  49. Archimedean circle 49: Orthogonal Okumura Watanabe circle
  50. Archimedean circles 50a and 50b: The 50th pair
  51. Archimedean circles 51a, 51b, 51c, 51d, 51e, 51f, 51g and 51h: The insquare octet
  52. Archimedean circles 52a, 52b, 52c, 52d: Cousins of the Second QTB Powerian Pair

  53. Archimedean circles 53a and 53b: Neighbourcouple of the Second QTB Powerian Pair
  54. Archimedean circles 54a and 54b: The O-basal pair
  55. Archimedean circles 55a and 55b: Outside basal pair
  56. Archimedean circle 56: Inverse of O'-line in (CD)
  57. Archimedean circles 57a and 57b: The Belev-pair
  58. Archimedean circles 58a and 58b: The Bui chords circles
  59. Archimedean circles 59a and 59b: First García pair
  60. Archimedean circles 60a and 60b: Second García pair
  61. Archimedean circles 61a and 61b: Dao pair
  62. Archimedean circle 62: Sanchez-García triplet circle


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