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This is the year the BSA advertising people went over the top (and never recovered?), because they invented a quite absurd conversation between two chaps talking about the new BSA models. Again 12 models on offer with 4 sidecar models. From this year on all BSA motorcycles are equipped with electric lighting.

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B33-1 or 2.49 h.p. S.V. Very basic 249cc sidevalve model with total loss lubrication and fitted with the ill fated Lucas Maglita ignition/dynamo.
BSA B33-2 1933 B33-2 or 2.49 h.p. O.H.V. The basic 249cc OHV model also with total loss lubrication and Lucas Maglita ignition.
BSA B33-3 Blue Star 1933 B33-3 or 2.49 h.p. O.H.V. Blue Star (also called Blue Star Junior). Sporting 249cc OHVBlue Star type was fitted with extras like stronger valve springs, special cams and special AMAL carburetter and one upswept exhaust pipe. Engine of the so called sump type, i.e. oil in a separate compartment in the engine castings and dry sump lubrication.
BSA R33-4 1933 R33-4 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. Standard 348cc model intend for solo and small sidecar use.
BSA R33-5 Blue Star 1933 R33-5 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. Blue Star. The sporting 348cc OHV Blue Star type, with all the extra bits like high compression piston, special cams, upswept exhaust pipes, sports plug, foot change, linked brakes and AMAL Pump carburetter.
BSA W33-6 1933 W33-6 or 4.99 h.p. S.V. Basic 499cc SV intended for sidecar use.
BSA W33-7 1933 W33-7 or 4.99 h.p. O.H.V.. The standard 499cc OHV for the fast solo boys or sidecars users.
BSA W33-8 Blue Star 1933 W33-8 or 4.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue Star. The 499cc OHV sports model Blue Star, with the same extras as its little brother R33-5.
BSA W33-9 Special 1933 W33-9 or 4.99 h.p. O.H.V. Special. The 499cc OHV "racing" model, race equipped without lighting but with special racing piston (according to BSA), special valves and springs, racing cams, 14mm spark plug, racing twist grip, racing seat on the rear mudguard and AMAL T.T. carburetter. Either fitted with hand change or foot change but still with a toolbox.
BSA M33-10 Sloper 1933 M33-10 or 5.95 h.p. S.V. (Sloper). A new version of the big sidevalve sloper, bored out for extra power, now 595cc for pulling a sidecar.
BSA M33-11 Sloper 1933 M33-11 or 5.95 h.p. O.H.V. (Sloper) The new 595cc OHV Sloper, introduced this year. Brute force!
BSA G33-12 V-Twin 1933 G33-12 of 9.86 h.p. S.V. The modernised 986cc SV V-twin model.
BSA G33-13 W.T. V-Twin 1933 G33-13 or 9.86 h.p. S.V. W.T. (World Tour). The modernised 986cc SV V-twin model in World Tour trim.

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