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In this exuberant year BSA had 18 models lined up in the catalogue, of which 3 models were new introductions. This was a transitional year because more or less all models were revised but at the end of this year they had a new designer at BSA who killed off all the vintage look models. In 1936 the last two figures of the year were omitted in the model names.This Year saw the introduction of the Q models.

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BSA X0 1936 X0 or 1.49 h.p. O.H.V. The 149cc OHv model which now gained a cush drive in its primary transmission. For those people who could not handle the awesome power of the 250cc models.
BSA B1 1936 B1 or 2.49 h.p. S.V. The 249cc SV model which got a real Magdyno unit and one of the last "vintage look" machines.
BSA B2 1936 B2 or 2.49 h.p. O.H.V. The 249cc OHV with luxury of having a chromed petrol tank with green side panels which was only optional for the B1.
BSA B18 1936 B18 or 2.49 h.p. O.H.V. Light de Luxe. A special 249cc OHV with the same engine as the B2 (total loss lubrication). A luxurious version of the basic B2 with separate oil tank under the saddle, a 8" koplamp (way to big!), a 4(!) speed gearbox and luxury toolbox. A real rarity nowadays.
B3 or 2.49 h.p. O.H.V. de Luxe. A 249cc OHV (high camshaft model). The smaller brother of the R4 model with which it shared the same cycle parts but with 100cc lessr. Beautiful engine with OHC looks, but lacking in power because of the heavy frame.
BSA R4 1936 R4 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. De Luxe The 348cc OHV (High camshaft model). The high camshaft models were aimed to attract the sporting riders who could not afford a real OHC motorcycle.
BSA R19 Competition 1936 R19 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. De Luxe (Competition Model). This was the competition version of the R4 with narrow round section mudguards,upswept exhaust, 19" x 4.00 rear wheel and 21" x 2.75 front wheel, sump protection shield and stripped of all unnecessary equipment except for the electric lighting system. Probably about 100 of these motorcycles were produced.
BSA R17 1936 R17 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. (Standard Model) Basic model 348cc OHV with separate push rod tubes, intended for solo or sports sidecar use (BSA advertisement!).
BSA Q21 New Blue Star 1936 R20 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. New Blue Star. The 348cc OHV sports model fitted with upswept exhausts, AMAL Pump carburetter, special cams and 4 speed foot change gearbox.
BSA Q21 New Blue Star 1936 Q21 or 4.96 h.p. O.H.V. New Blue Star. The 496cc OHV version of the R20 with the same extras.
R5 or 3.48 h.p. O.H.V. Empire Star. This 348cc OHV supersports motorcycle was introduced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the crowning of HRH king George VI and was the summit of British power and pride. As BSA put it in the advertisement "The Masterpiece of the Industry". This machine had the same equipment as the Blue Star but also had an alloy primary chaincase. It was fitted with a high compression piston but you got a low compression one extra. It had an special air hardened cylinder bore to reduce wear.
BSA Q8 Empire Star 1936 Q8 or 4.96 h.p. O.H.V. Empire Star. The actual topmodel of this year was the 496cc version of the Empire Star. This model was delivered with the low compression piston fitted and the high compression one as spare.
BSA W6 1936 W6 or 4.99 h.p. S.V. The trusty 499cc SV slogger for sidecar use.
BSA Q7 1936 Q7 or 4.96 h.p. O.H.V. The basic model 496cc OHV for fast solo or sidecar use. Still with 3-speed hand change gearbox.
BSA J12 Vee-Twin 1936 J12 or 4.98 h.p. O.H.V. Vee-Twin. The 498cc V-twin in its final year. This had been the origin of the high camshaft models which were basicly half a V-twin.
BSA M10 1936 M10 or 5.95 h.p. S.V. A new 595cc SV modelzijklepper introduced this year and gone the next. Actually a heavier W6.
BSA Y13 Vee-Twin 1936 Y13 or 7.48 h.p. O.H.V. Vee-Twin. The most beautiful V-twin BSA ever produced, a 748cc OHV high camshaft. One of the few models to survive Val Page only to be dropped after 1938. This was a development model which evolved from the J12.
BSA G14 Vee-Twin 1936 G14 or 9.86 h.p. S.V. Vee-Twin. This aging 986cc SV V-twin which was cosmetically renewed every year but still remained the same basic model.

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