BSA engine and frame numbers

Engine and frame numbers started at 101 and counted upwards. Sometimes some changes were introduced during the production of a certain model. In order to identify these changes in a model the engine and/or frame number prefixes were changed. During 1938 BSA developed a number of new or modified models which were only introduced during the 1939 model year, hence the double year letter in the numbers. In that case a series of models did not necessarily start at 101 but at the number at which they ended the 1938 production year. Actually this was more or less a case of stamping the engine and the frame with another year letter.

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
A30-21.74 h.p.Y...E...two stroke
B30-32.49 h.p. S.VXM.101XB.101
B30-42.49 h.p. O.H.V.XR.101XB.101
L30-53.49 h.p. S.V.XT.101XB.101
L30-53.49 h.p. S.V. commercialXT.101XA.101commercial carrier
S30-74.93 h.p. S.V.XS.101XH.101sloper
H30-85.57 h.p. S.V.XX.101XH.101sloper
S30-94.93 h.p. De Luxe S.V.XX.101XH.101sloper
H30-105.57 h.p. S.V. De luxeXX.101XH.101sloper
L30-113.49 h.p. O.H.VXS.101XH.101sloper
S30-124.93 h.p. O.H.V.XW.101XX.101sloper
S30-134.93 h.p. O.H.V. De LuxeXP.101XH.101sloper
E30-147.70 h.p. S.V. V-TwinXY.101XD.101V-twin
G30-159.86 h.p. S.V. V-TwinXY.101XD.101V-twin
G30-169.86 h.p. W.T. S.V. V-TwinXZ.101XG.101V-twin
S30-184.93 h.p. Light S.V.XU.101XL.101
S30-194.93 h.p. O.H.V. LightXU.101 of XO.101XL.101

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
B31-12.49 h.p. S.V.Y1-101Y1-101
B31-22.49 h.p. O.H.V.Y2-101Y1-101
B31-32.49 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeY3-101Y3-101
L31-43.49 h.p. S.V.Y4-101Y1-101
L31-53.49 h.p. S.V. de LuxeY5-101Y5-101
L31-63.49 h.p. O.H.V.Y6-101Y5-101
S31-73.49 h.p. S.V.Y7-101Y7-101Sloper
H31-85.57 h.p. S.V.Y8-101Y7-101Sloper
S31-94.93 h.p. O.H.V.Y9-101Y7-101
S31-104.93 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeY10-101Y7-101Sloper
E31-117.70 h.p. S.V.Y11-101Y11-1012 gallon tank V-Twin
E31-117.70 h.p. S.V.Y11-101Y11A-1013 gallon tank V-Twin
G31-129.86 h.p. S.V. W.T.Y12-101Y12-101V-Twin World Tour

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
B32-12.49 h.p. O.H.V.Z1-101Z1-101
B32-23.49 h.p. S.V.Z2-101Z1-101
L32-33.49 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialZ3-101Z3-101
L32-43.49 h.p. S.V. de LuxeZ4-101Z4-101hand change
L32-43.49 h.p. S.V. de LuxeZ4-101Z5-101foot change
L32-53.49 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeZ5-101Z4-101hand change
L32-53.49 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeZ5-101Z5-101foot change
L32-53.49 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarZ5-101 of Z11-1051Z4-101hand change
L32-53.49 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarZ5-101 of Z11-1051Z5-101foot change
W32-64.99 h.p. S.V.Z6-101Z6-101hand change
W32-64.99 h.p. S.V.Z6-101Z7-101foot change
W32-74.99 h.p. O.H.V.Z7-101Z6-101hand change
W32-74.99 h.p. O.H.V.Z7-101Z7-101foot change
W32-74.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarZ7-101 of Z12-463Z6-101hand change
W32-74.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarZ7-101 of Z12-463Z7-101foot change
S32-84.93 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeZ8-101Z8-101Sloper
H32-95.57 h.p. S.V. de LuxeZ9-101Z8-101Sloper
G32-109.86 h.p. S.V.Z10-101Z10-101V-Twin

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
B33-12.49 h.p. S.V.A1-101A1-101
B33-22.49 h.p. O.H.V. S.P.A2-101A1-101
B33-32.49 h.p.O.H.V. Blue Star JuniorA3-101A3L-101
R33-43.48 h.p. O.H.V.A4-101A4-101
R33-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarA5-101 A4-101hand change
R33-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarA5-101 A5-101foot change
W33-64.99 h.p. S.V.A6-101A4-101
W33-74.99 h.p. O.H.V.A7-101A4-101
W33-84.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarA8-101A4-101hand change
W33-84.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarA8-101A5-101foot change
W33-94.99 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialA9-101A9R-101hand change
W33-94.99 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialA9-101A9L-101foot change
M33-105.95 h.p. S.V. de LuxeA10-101A10-101Sloper
M33-115.95 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeA11-101A10-101Sloper
G33-129.86 h.p. S.V. LightA12-101A12-101V-Twin
G33-139.86 h.p. S.V. W.T.A13-101A13-101V-Twin World Tour

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
X34-01.49 h.p. O.H.V.B150-101B1-101
B34-12.49 h.p. S.V.B1-101B1-101
B34-22.49 h.p. O.H.V.B2-101B1-101
B34-32.49 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarB3-101B3-101
R34-43.48 h.p. O.H.V.B4-101B4-101
R34-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarB5-101B4-101
R34-63.48 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialB6-101B6-101
W34-74.99 h.p. S.V.B7-101B7-101
W34-84.99 h.p. O.H.V.B8-101B4-101
W34-94.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarB9-101B4-101
W34-104.99 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialB10-101B6-101
J34-114.98 h.p. O.H.V. TwinB11-101B11-101V-Twin
M34-125.95 h.p. S.V. de LuxeB12-101B12-101Sloper
M34-135.95 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeB13-101B12-101
G34-149.86 h.p. S.V. W.T.B14-101B14-101V-Twin
B34-172.49 h.p. O.H.V. SportsB17-101B3-101

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modeldescriptionengine numberframenumerremarks
X35-01.49 h.p. O.H.V.E0-101E1-101
B35-12.49 h.p. S.V.E1-101E1-101
B35-22.49 h.p. O.H.V.E2-101E1-101
B35-32.49 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeE3-101E3-101
R35-43.48 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeE4-101E3-101
R35-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarE5-101E5-101
W35-64.99 h.p. S.V.E6-101E6-101
W35-74.99 h.p. O.H.V.E7-101E5-101
W35-84.99 h.p. O.H.V. Blue StarE8-101E5-101
W35-94.99 h.p. O.H.V. SpecialE9-101E9-101
M35-105.95 h.p. S.V.E10-101E10-101Sloper
M35-115.95 h.p. O.H.V.E11-101E10-101Sloper
J35-124.98 h.p. O.H.V. TwinE12-101E12-101V-Twin
G35-149.86 h.p. S.V.E14-101E14-101V-Twin

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
X-01.49 h.p. O.H.V.D0-101D1-101
B-12.49 h.p. S.V.D1-101D-101
B-22.49 h.p. O.H.V.D2-101D1-101
B-182.49 h.p. O.H.V. Light de LuxeD18-101D1-101
B-32.49 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeD3-101D3-101
R-43.48 h.p. O.H.V. de LuxeD4-101D3-101
R-193.48 h.p. O.H.V. CompetitionD19-101D3-101
R173.48 h.p. O.H.V. S.P.D17-101D6-101
W-64.99 h.p. S.V.D6-101D6-101
Q-74.96 h.p. O.H.V.D7-101D6-101
Q-84.96 h.p. O.H.V. Empire StarD8-101D8-101
R-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Empire StarD5-101D8-101
Q-84.96 h.p. O.H.V. Empire Star3D8-101D38-1101intermediate change
R-53.48 h.p. O.H.V. Empire Star3D5-101D38-1101intermediate change
J-124.98 h.p. O.H.V. TwinD12-101D12-101V-Twin
M-105.95 h.p. S.V.D10-101D10-101
Y-137.48 h.p. O.H.V.D13-101D13-101V-Twin
G-149.86 h.p. S.V.D14-101D14-101V-Twin
R-203.48 h.p. O.H.V. New Blue StarD20-101D6-101
Q-214.96 h.p. O.H.V. New Blue StarD21-101D6-101

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
B20250 c.c. S.V. TourerHB20-101HB20-101
B21250 c.c. O.H.V. SportsHB21-101HB20-101
B22250 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarHB22-101HB20-101
B23350 c.c. S.V. TourerHB23-101HB20-101
B24350 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarHB24-101HB24-101
B25350 c.c. O.H.V. CompetitionHB25-101HB24-101
B26350 c.c. O.H.V. SportsHB26-101HB24-101
M19350 c.c. O.H.V. de LuxeHM19-101HM19-101
M20500 c.c. S.V.TourerHM20-101HM19-101
M21600 c.c. S.V. TourerHM21-101HM19-101
M22500 c.c. O.H.V. SportsHM22-101HM19-101
M23500 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarHM23-101HM19-101
Y13750 c.c. O.H.V. Vee TwinHY13-101HY13-101V-Twin
G141000 c.c. S.V. Vee TwinHG14-101HG14-101V-Twin

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
B20250 c.c. S.V. TourerJB20-101JB20-101
B21250 c.c. O.H.V. SportsJB21-101JB20-101
B22250 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarJB22-101JB20-101
B23350 c.c. S.V. TourerJB23-101JB20-101
B24350 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarJB24-101JB24-101
B25350 c.c. O.H.V. CompetitionJB25-101JB24-101
B26350 c.c. O.H.V. SportsJB26-101JB24-101
M19350 c.c. O.H.V. de LuxreJM19-101JM19-101
M20500 c.c. S.V. TourerJM20-101JM19-101
M21600 c.c. S.V. TourerJM21-101JM19-101
M22500 c.c. O.H.V. SportsJM22-101JM19-101
M23500 c.c. O.H.V. Empire StarJM23-101JM19-101
M24500 c.c. O.H.V. Gold StarJM24-101JM24-101eerste Gold Star
Y13750 c.c. O.H.V. Vee TwinJY13-101JY13-101V-Twin
G141000 c.c. S.V. Vee TwinJG14-101JG14-101V-Twin

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
C10 Standard250 c.c. S.V.KJC10-KJC10-1938 production
C10 De Luxe250 c.c. S.V.KC10-101KC10-101
C11250 c.c. O.H.V.KC11-101KC10-101
B21 Standard250 c.c. O.H.V.KJB21-KJB20-1938 production
B21 De Luxe250 c.c. O.H.V.KB21-101KB21-101
B23 Standard350 c.c. S.V.KJB23-KJB20-1938 production
B23 De Luxe350 c.c. S.V.KB23-101KB21-101
B24 Silver Star350 c.c. O.H.V.KB24-101KB24-101
B25 Competition350 c.c. O.H.V.KB25-101KB24-101
B26350 c.c. O.H.V.KB26-101KB24-101
M20 Standard500 c.c. S.V.KMS20-101KM20-101
M20 De Luxe500 c.c. S.V.KM20-101KM20-101
M21600 c.c. S.V.KM21-101KM20-101
M22 Standard500 c.c. O.H.V.KJM22-KJM19-1938 production
M22 De Luxe500 c.c O.H.V.KM22-101KM20-101
M23 Silver Star500 c.c. O.H.V.KM23-101KM23-101
M24 Gold Star500 c.c. O.H.V.KM24-101KM24-101
G14 Vee Twin1000 c.c. S.V.KG14-101KG14-101V-Twin

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modeldescriptionengine numberframe numberremarks
C10250 c.c. S.V.WC10-101WC10-101
C11250 c.c. O.H.V.WC11-101WC10-101
C12350 c.c. S.V.WC12-101WC10-101
B29 Silver Sports350 c.c. O.H.V.WB29-101WB27-101
M20500 c.c. S.V.WM20-101WM20-101
M21600 c.c. S.V.WM21-101WM20-101
M23 Silver Star500 c.c. O.H.V.WM23-101WM20-101
G14 Vee Twin1000 c.c. S.V.WG14-101WG14-101V-Twin

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