• Happy newyear!! Also, although I did update my pages locally, I didn't upload them ;((( Now I have though!!


  • Turned out, that almost none of my pages were functioning correctly, due to internal things at my ISP's. Should be fixed now. Also restructured everything, removed some obsolete stuff.


  • After 3 month of silence, I've added a page. Of a game. It's TNT-Terry!!


  • And again, I updated the Panther news page.


  • After some hard work, I've updated the Panther news page.


  • Again, I updated the Panther news page. Also the Download page has been updated.
    21st April 1998:
  • Updated the Panther News and Screenshots page.
    20th April 1998:
  • Updated the Panther News and Download page.
    10th April 1998:
  • Added a lynx to the MetaLynx emulator on the Tools page.
    6th April 1998:
  • Added the Variouspage.
    26th March 1998:
  • Updated the Panther News page.
  • Uploaded a new Panther beta to the Download page.
    25th March 1998:
  • Fixed a broken link at the Panther Download Page.
  • Updated the Panther News page.
    24th March 1998:
  • It's been WAY to long since I've last updated my pages. Again. Oh well. The reason was, that I'm having trouble with getting the bullets in Paralemming to fly correctly, that's why.
  • I've updated my pages a bit, redesigning them to allow more projects than ParaLemmings to be easy accessible.
  • Work has started on Panther. It's gonna be an all-in-one development suite for the lynx, for Windows '95/'98 and NT4/5.
  • Oh, and I made some pages for Panther.
  • Working on another project for the lynx, more info soon....
    This page was created by Laurens Simonis using the latest beta of Panther and PaintShopPro 4.1.