TNT-Terry - What (or Who) is it?!

TNT-Terry is the hero of a new game for the Atari Lynx Handheld Console. You've probably heard about Bomberman or Dynablaster? Well, let's just say that TNT-Terry is inspired by them.

For those of you who've never heard of either TNT-Terry or Bomberman/Dynablaster, here's a short description.
You control a little guy (= ), Terry, who drops bombs (= ) in a maze (= well, c'mon, you know what a maze is..) filled with enemies (= ). These can be either dumb (if the computer controls them), a bit clever (once I improve their "intelligence"), or as stupid/dumb/clever/genial as your friends are, 'cause you can also play this game against a number of other players using Comlynx!!

The goal of the game is to survive as long as you can, and destroy all your opponents (you know, ), using the bombs () mentioned earlier. To make your little guy (= ) a little stronger, you can pick up some goodies. These will enhance his bombs (= ), let him run faster, to name but a few of the great things. Of course, there are several powerups, which are more powerdowns. They make you walk slower, or decrease the number of bombs you're allowed to drop at once.

This will happen in a great number of levels, spread across a number of sceneries. 4 Are more or less finished right now (well, the graphics of the sceneries, not the levels themselves). These include sort of a forest-style thing, and the beatiful Ancient Egypt. The others will remain secret for some more time. I do accept bribes, though. If we get extremely creative, we may even come up with a story, to link these different scenes to each other. Anyhow you'll encounter different types of enemies across these sceneries!

To give you an indication of how far the game is, please check out the news page.

At the time of typing, it's unsure how many players will be able to play in the final version, because I don't know yet. Early experiments have shown that the maximal number of players in the final version will be somewhere between 1 and 100. The final number will be a lot closer to 1 than to 100. Seriously though, I think 4 should be managable, probably 6, but I think things will get a little crowdy if there are more then 6 players. I don't even own enough lynxes to test so much players, anyway. Note that I DO NOT MAKE ANY PROMISES HERE!!!!!

If you're interested, please drop me a mail and tell me you think you'll like the game. That sort of thing really encourages me to keep on goin'.

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