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While working on the leveleditor, I had an idea: why not include it in the final product. How would you like it to create your own levels for TNT-Terry, and then download them to the lynx using a very simple cable? This is NOT a promise, I'm just playing with the idea, but I need to know if you guys (and girls) want it in. Please let me know!
While working on multiplayer, I ran into serious memory problems. Not that the multiplayer code is so big, but there was a VERY little bit of memory not used. So, as the graphics engine is quite big, I decided to rewrite part of it. But because the graphics engine and the game engine are pretty linked-up, this takes a while. Also, as the underlying structure of the graphics engine had to change/has to be changed, the old levelbuilding routines were no longer up to the job. Due to the nature of the new graphics engine, it's just about impossible to generate the levels on the lynx. Therefore, I need to make them on the pc. What do I need to do that? That's right, a level editor. And that's what I'm working on right now.
Since more people visit my pages these days, there are also more people who download my lynx development suite, Panther. They find problems with it which I hadn't found, and I fixed several of them. That also takes up some of my time, but helps me improve Panther and also TNT Terry.
Today, I announced TNT-Terry in several newsgroups & atari sites.
I recieved Yiri's comment, corrected some of the typos he found, and added his info to the who/what's (ab)used page.
Everything. No, really! The page, the screenshots, hell, even the game is new!
To give you a general idea about how far the game is: it's a little bit playable. You can control your guy, like walk him around, and you can drop bombs. These bombs blow things up, like yourself, if you're too close, or the opponents that run around. Also, some of the walls are destructable, so you can force your way through the maze. Right now, I'm working hard on making it ComLynx-able, and REALLY hope to have that in before Saturday (Hi Dave!).
Ever since Panther was in a workable state, I've been working on this game. Not alone, mind you: my friend Yiri T. Kohl has worked magic on the graphics (and still is!), while I did (and do, btw) the coding. Thank the good Lord for meeting him! I myself would never have been able to produce the great kind of graphics he has.

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