Forest Level Egyptian Level

Here you see an actual in-game screenshot: A bomb has been dropped, but the two guys ran away, and are out of range of the explosion. But a next time they may not be so lucky.. Another ingame shot. Here, you see several guys are gone - where in screenshot to the left, there were 5 guys, now there's only 3 left. Only seconds later, that'd be 2 guys left. As you can see, there are two bombs next to eachother. Only a second after this photo was taken, the bombs exploded, and fried the guy to the right of the bombs. His family has been notified. This screenshot is a fake. At the moment, the Egyptian scenery isn't in the game yet, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. I think it gives you a good impression of the variety of styles, which will be in the full game. Also note, that the guys in this picture have different colors - makes it easier to tell them apart. Will probably look like this when comlynxing in the future.

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