Tools and Links


  • 42Bastian Schick's Lynx-Page This is the page of the person who is THE most important in the lynx-coding scene, as he's the one who made or at least adopted the compilers, and who was paritially responsible for the transfer-cable and program. These two things are necessery to play home-made lynx games.
  • Panther My currently in-development all-in-one Dev. Suite. Not finished yet, but beginning to be alive 'n' kickin'.
  • Handy Emulator This enables to play home-made lynx-games on your PC, that is, if your PC is quite fast.
  • MetaLynx Emulator: This is another Emulator, which unfortunately, at the time of writing, doesn't support commercial games yet. But it's looking good!


  • Matthias Domin's page This man has made some real cool, actually playable Lynx games. Check it out!
  • Carl Forhan's page He's the writer of "Under The Lynx Microscope", and is working on 2 games, and a sound-tool.
  • Robert Jung's page He maintains a FAQ on the lynx.
  • Roland's RedEye project: Roland is working on a device to play multiplayer lynx games without comlynxes, but with infrared light. COOOL!!
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