In 1990 we fell in love with our first Russian Blue, since then we breed and show our Russian Blues.

We are breedersmember of NVVK, and we belong to the Russian Breeders Club in England and to the CFA Russian Breeders Club in America.

Our goal is to breed on Character, Health and Beauty.

We have imported several Russians as the foundation of our Russian Blues as there is: Gr. Eur. Ch. Tippandora Djagilev from England

Ch. Lariche Dutch Treat was our first cat we've imported from America

We have regular contact with English and American breeders and help them also with their breedingprogram by exporting Russian Blues like CH. Djagilevs Little Mujik of Fabrege en GR.CH. Djagilevs Evening Moscow

Evening Moscow



                                                     Gr.Int.Ch.Djagilevs Galina Ulanova    (foto Scheffer)

The character is very nice,affectionate and become attached to their owners. We even take them to a restaurant, ofcourse on a leash. Russian Blues meow a little or in a low voice, they love to retrieve and are very playfull even in older age.

Our oldest bred Russian Blues have become 15 years old.

Our Russian Blues and their descendants are often Best Russian Blue on a Russian Blue Special and many became Best In Show  or Best Of Breed at regular shows. 

(foto Scheffer)


Our kittens grow up with a lot of love and hugs, our grandchildren play a lot with them(we do too of course)

They have no trouble with other animals  as they have two dogs for a companion. We hope for a loving home for our kittens.

If you are interested, and you want a cuddly Russian Blue please call or fax us at this number:+31566650268, or send an e-mail to


Om this very moment we do expect kittens!!


Saakje en Anton Luhrman