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Here are some banners I made a long, long time ago for people on the LinkExchange program. Most of the links don't work anymore though...

This is the banner I made for my own homepage. Just a matter of simplicity...

A homepage dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio

WWBRP, one of my other projects, needed a banner as well. I must admit not one of my best. But hey, I just started back then...

The banner I made for The International House of Jokes.

Not satisfied with the current banner, the owner of Valveman's Fun House asked me to make a new one; with succes.

The finest in jazz reviewed every week.

People looking for real estate need a realtor. And a realtor needs a banner.

How to get people watching a whole bunch of soaps at the same time in a small banner...

Another banner for another homepage.

Genderboy's Page O' Stuff (hey, that's what the banner says!).

Amongst other things, Warcraft II informationin this page.

Kevin Brown's Homepage. Kevin said this abouthis banner: "Thanks alot for the banner! It's pretty cool."

A very nice site with lots of Nintendo information.

Misato's Japan Super Station with informationon and links to Japan.

An absolute must-see for Quakers.

Robin Ang - A satisfied customer in Singapore

JJ's Homepage

42nd Indiana Volunteer infantry Company "H"Homepage

Sheldon had a problem making the banner fit -so I made a new one.

Yellow Rose's Midi Collection

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