Brouwerij Afflichem BDS N.V.(Heineken)

Former: De Smedt
Ringlaan 18, 1745 Opwijk, Tel.: 052/35.99.11, Fax:052/35.83.57
50.000 hl./y

Affligem Tripel

Alc. vol: 8,5 %

content: 0,330 l.

fermentation: high


Brown abbey beer with hop flavours and a slightly sweet taste. It leaves a little bitterness.
Since Heineken took over Brewery De Smedt, the taste has been changed to reach larger public. To my opinion the taste has become more flat than the one brewed before.
It is a pity that large breweries like Heineken and Interbrew buy up small breweries (with a nice range of original beers) and then change these beers into a sameness.