Brouwerij Afflichem BDS N.V.(Heineken)

Former: De Smedt
Ringlaan 18, 1745 Opwijk, Tel.: 052/35.99.11, Fax:052/35.83.57
50.000 hl./y

Affligem Blond

Alc. vol: 7,0 %

content: 0,500 l.

fermentation: high


Blond abbey beer with hop flavours and a slightly sweet taste. It leaves a light bitterness.
Since Heineken took over Brewery De Smedt, the taste has been changed to reach a larger public. To my opinion the taste has become more flat than the one brewed before.
It is a pity that large breweries like Heineken and Interbrew buy up small breweries (with a nice range of original beers) and then change these beers into a sameness.