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Since May 8th 2007 my domain-name (url) www.beercollection.net has changed into www.beercollection.nl. So, please update your bookmarks or links to my site. Thank you.

This beer site is for your help!  Browse the database and take a look at the information it has on 4,400+ bottles and cans and over 1,750 photo's of them

Information about all Dutch brewing companies can be found here
I started working on the Belgium and British breweries and the intention is to give info on every European brewery. [ At least I hope I will have the time for it. If anyone has the need/urge to help me .... ]

You also will find a database with 850+ recipes when you want to use beer in your kitchen, and I mean cooking. Drinking a beer while cooking is allowed. Last time I added 50 new ones. To the 'yummie-pages'

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Till this moment I have added hundreds of new addresses of Breweries. The latest updates are Rwanda to Sweden.
Visiting Holland? Here to find good beerpubs in the Netherlands
On the glossary-site you find a dictionary of specialized terms and definitions.

Almost 1,200 collectors have put their data on the collectors-site to enlarge their collections

A lot of new beerposters are available here

An interactive agenda for beermeetings, events, tasteries etc. which everyone can fill in by themselvers

New is the possibility to sent beer-ecards

On line are: . Click on the icon and add your name.


I obtain a lot of downloads on this site. You will find Icons, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Skins and Funny Beercommercials.

Last time over 300 wallpapers have been added with 45 new Heineken wallpapers.
Also100 new screensavers: f.i.: Bosman, Heineken, Efes, Budweiser, Newcastle, Becks, Mickey's & Warka.
And28 new funny beercommercials.

Go to my downloads

New Members

I noticed that searchprogramms of spammers found my database to sent their spammail to the collecters (including myself). To prevent this I have changed the "@" into "#". Now their spy-robots do not recognize it. You only have to change the "#" back into "@" in your mail-programm.
For those who already got a lot of spam can use the progamm 'MailWasher'. More information is available on the collectors-pages.

These collectors have applied last month:
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Josip Rakin josipr#apatinonline.net
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Andreas Pook Ap78#aol.com
Lyubomir Konakchiev lukcho#abv.bg
Bill Keen llibneek2#comcast.net
Eduardo Zatz eduardozatz#yahoo.com
Ute Auerswald ute.auerswald#werdau.net
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Uwe Stiegler ellenzus#yahoo.de
Krzysztof Sepkowski chris_leszcz#onet.eu
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Lech Albrecht browarek#jestsuper.pl
Jiri Husak jiri.husak#volny.cz
Christian Desmedt chdes#skynet.be
Anatoly Levanets africa-beer#mail.ru
Richard Williams willrichardson#web.de
Przemyslaw Jastrzêbski rhonin15#gmail.com
Jiri Kunc jiku#cbox.cz
Fabio Pesiguelo pesiguelo#hotmail.com
Gabor Boldizsar nemakta#citromail.hu
Steve Griesemer preproman#yahoo.com
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About Jan's Beer Pages

From april 7th (2008) I will be in Greece for 2 years and will not have the possibility to keep my homepage up to date. In november I will be back and then I will work hard to upload my site with a lot of new stuff. Untill then I hope you enjoyed your visit here and see you back again.
6 years ago I started publishing my homepage. In the first months I had 5 visitors a day. since 2004 I have had between 600 and 2,000 visitors a day. In 2007 I have reached over 2,000,000 visitors. Thanks!
Every day I get about 20 emails with questions about beer, collecting etc.   Sometimes I do not have the time to answer right away but I will answer them all.   In the meanwhile I have made a lot of updates, so that my pages will have many new items. I am trying to improve my pages everyday. Without help this would not be possible. Therefor I'd like to thank everyone for their help, advice, comments and good words. This keeps me going on.

This homepage has started as a hobby, but maintaining these pages cost a lot. For that reason I'm looking for sponsors:
If there are breweries or beercompanies who want to be listed at my hompepage please mail me. I have had over 350.000 visitors last year! When I get free beers from your brewery or shop I will list you on this site with a banner referring to your homepage. So every (Beer)company or brewery is invited.

If you came here by a search-engine looking for the name "Meinders" and wanted to know more about my family-tree, you can click here

New sampled beers

Here are the newest beers added to Jan's Beer Pages. They will be placed on this page for about one month after the last update. On my collection-pages you will also find them with the 'new'-sign behind the name.
Blanche de Bouillon Bouillon bottle 0,33
Cuvée de Bouillon Bouillon bottle 0,33
Cuvée du Fondeur Bouillon bottle 0,33
Jack'ouille Bouillon bottle 0,33
L'Ours de Bohan Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Bouillonnaise Brune Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Chèvenis Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Médiévale Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Noire Fontaine Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Petasse Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Sarrasine Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Spéciale Fêtes Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Tourinnoise Bouillon bottle 0,33
La Vaubon Bouillon bottle 0,33
Saint Quirin Bouillon bottle 0,33
Saison des Chasse Ambrée Bouillon bottle 0,33
Saison des Chasse Blonde Bouillon bottle 0,33
Dragon St. Monon bottle 0,33
Liberwette di Noyè St. Monon bottle 0,33
Spéciale Noël St. Monon bottle 0,33

New brewery- or beersites:

- Des Monts
- Du Flo
- La Frasnoise
- casinoroyale-heineken
- Leuvense Tripel
- and more new brewerylinks can be found here

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