Welcome traveller, to Merchant House Amber

My name is Gaidor, and I will be your guide during your stay here. Please do not touch a thing you are not supposed to touch. Apart from the guards (by the way: their mess is just around the corner here) there are a number of traps placed here and there. You might find yourself missing and finger or more. Be warned that we do not accept any liability in such cases. We might even charge you for cleaning costs and resetting the trap.

Know that I'm second in command here. The only ones I answer to are my master Alias and his wife Sadira. Luckily, they are very seldom actually here, and....
Hmm..? Come again please?
... .... ... .
. . ....
You wish to know more about my master? Well... I could tell you a few things of course, but that will take a while, and talking is such thirsty business. Why don't we just go up to my master's office. He has some excellent fermented kank nectar stored there, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we take a mug or two. You're paying of course...

One more thing. You will want know the Sign of Merchant House Amber. I'll show you: It is painted right here on this door. If you wish to enter, just touch it..

Enter the Merchant House

Enter The Office

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