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Please read this first > The South of the Border Mustang Registry / © Dave Hammar - Between March 5th 1964 and late June 1973, Ford built approximately 2,978,272 Mustangs at their three U.S. plants these numbers are well documented. However, even many of the most fervent U.S. Mustang fanatics are largely unaware that Mustangs were also built outside the U.S.

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Special thanks > Goes out to Dave Hammar, for providing me uniqe information about the Dutch built Ford Mustangs used for this registry page and Rob van Rijn for helping me out with the research. I'am sorry, if I have forgotten to mention anyone.

First Press Releases about Dutch Mustang assembly

26 April 1965 / Ford Amsterdam is going to assembly Mustangs for the European market > Henry Ford II has announced that Ford will start with the sale of the Mustang outside the United States. In September 1965 the “NV Nederlandsche Ford Automobiel Fabriek” in Amsterdam is going to be integrated for the assembly of Mustangs for the whole of Europe. The fabric in Amsterdam already assemblies the English Ford line for the Benelux, from Anglia to Zodiac and the American models Fairlane, Mercury Comet and the English truck.

July 1965 / Ford Amsterdam prepares for Mustang assembly > Ford Amsterdam is proud that Holland has been chosen to undertake the assembly of the Mustang for the European Market. Ford Amsterdam hopes to deliver the first copies of this new “European” prestige car, which has become an unknown success in America, as early as the end of September.

Sept. 1965 / Mustang advances in Europe > Now Mustangs, intended for export, are being manufactured in the enormous Ford Fabric in Metuchen, New Jersey, not far from New York. But to be able to satisfy the large European request for Mustangs, the Ford Fabric in Amsterdam will start this month with the assembly of this car for the European market.

Thanks to Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works, for Mustang production totals for 1966

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Mustangs assembled in Europe / © Wolfgang Kohrn - Sure most of our website visitors will have a problem with that statement. However here are some bits of information, some funny, some serious, which will make you reconsider some items, anyway all are true facts.

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