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The purpose of this page is to get in contact with other
people who (just like me) also appreciate the EVERLY BROTHERS
and their music. I am always looking for certain EVERLY
releases that I do not yet have, and hope to get those records
through this page and with YOUR help.If YOU out there are
desperately looking for certain EVERLY BROTHERS items......


browsing those net pages for a while..... and continue on the
one you are looking at right now, and concentrate on it.
It might NOT be the most impressive page on the net, but for YOU
who's crashing those cyber waves for EVERLY BROTHERS info,
the context of my page will be ( without any doubt ) sensational.

Once upon a time I was wondering if I became part of a group
of "endangered species" for still loving THE EVERLY BROTHERS,
but by now I know better. Ever since Don and Phil's first
"The Sun Keeps Shining" and "Bye Bye Love" were
presented to the world back in 1956 and 1957 I have felt adoration
for that characteristic and sophisticated sound that
turned the world and Rock and Roll upside down for precisely 4 decades now.

I have evaluated with them in age, time and technology and I
went from collecting EVERLY 78's, to vinyl 45's, EP's, and
LP's, and finally into the compact disc, video, interactive compact disc,
and cd rom era. And ultimately I am here on the
net with a page about my all time favourite singing duo.
They really inspired and enriched my life.

For almost 40 years I have collected every available bit of
printed news and pictures that includes the EVERLY,and event-
ually this became a kind of EVERLY (related) library.

It was not just '' printed matter '' that I started to collect,
I also bought every EVERLY BROTHERS record I could lay
my hands on.By now I have a pretty impressive EVERLY BROTHERS
record, tape,compact disc. video, picture and memorabilia
collection.BUT..... I suffer from that well known "collectors bug"
which is responsible for the following symptoms:

  1. Always being alert for EVERLY records and items that I do
    NOT have in my collection yet.
  2. For getting panic attacks when I am about to miss out on a
    certain release that I not yet have.
  3. Not to mention the misery that I have to live with the fact
    that I know that I will probably NEVER trace down certain
    world wide EVERLY releases at all.
    ( can you see my cyber tears ??????? ).

IF........ YOU can relate to only a small proportion of some
of these manifestations, then YOU ........ are the person that I am looking for.

Apart from my own massive private EVERLY BROTHERS vinyl and
compact discs collection, I have also a giant stock of extra
EVERLY records and I am looking for people who are still
searching for certain EVERLY BROTHERS records and items.
The possibility that I have what YOU are looking for is very conceivable.

A few years ago a good friend of mine and myself were convinced that
we could come up with a near complete and perfect looking
EVERLY BROTHERS collectors guide. It took us almost
two years to complete that 125 page book called:

"F O R E V E R L YY O U R S"

(Click here for info on the book)

We made the book and it has since then became a real must
among other EVERLY BROTHERS fans and aficionado's of pop music
in general.

So, if YOU are still looking around for specific EVERLY BROTHERS
(related) records,or if you want the perfect collectors guide
that is all about the EVERLY BROTHERS, do get an

E-Mail out to me: (

And if you clean out your closets and find some of those old
and forgotten EVERLY records and want to get them out of the
house, PLEASE contact me too.


THE EVERLY BROTHERS: ( Life story and complete DUO and SOLO recording career )

if you want to meet me, please click here:

Or you can write me:

Peter Aarts
Havenkade 51
2586 TV Den Haag

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