LFA G0KSC        6el LFA
  5el LFA from justin G0KSC                                                                                                               6el LFA, just see how tight that pattern is.
                                                               LFA the DX future

Over the last 20 years there hardly has been any improvement in the antenna world.
Of course antenna models have been computer optimized to squeeze that last 0,1 db out of the array.
That was until now. The LFA, invented by G0KSC Justin is remarkable !

Why choose the LFA ?

You can read all about it here : LFA G0KSC

Just take a look at: gain reference to others On this page you can see what the antenna does compared to other commercial available, the FB/FS,gain and noise levels are impressive. There is nothing that comes close.

Of course in the future you will find all the information on my site how to make them for 11 meter use.

Ive you would like to buy one, there is ONLY one company who has the only rights to commercial fabricate them for 11 meter band use. HPSD.

HPSD has just started and will be come active in the first quarter of this year.
Prices will remain in the normal region, all antennas will be made to the highest degree without concessions.

                                    HPSD professional antennas for the 11 meters.
                                                  (under construction)

We are now working to get the best effort out of the LFA concept for 11 meters.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:
mail to: or  tel :0031620278007