This page is to tell everybod how I'm restoring a Saab 900 classic 2 door saloon. First registered in 1987. Built in 1986. Old stock I suppose.

I started back in january 2006 to take the car apart. My good friend Dennis helped me a lot.

Currently I'm waiting to get the body back. In the meantime I'm doing some small stuff like rebuilding the engine and restoring the drive train.

After day one

The rear end is getting empty.

The interior is vanishing.

Out with de doors

Here you can see the enigine.

And now it's gone.

removing the last pieces.

Completely empty.

One last trip into the sun.

One good cleanup.

And let i dry in the sun.

Removing the body protection goes best with the car in this position.

ready for departure to the bodyshop.

It's leaving now.


sandblasted rear-end.

Make a big hole to reapre a little one.

One of the many repared holes.

A complete overview.

The refurbished parts of the drive train.

Some nice new parts.

The car is painten in Epoxy-primer (Yellow) and partially in normal primer (white).

We added black as a colour to the car.

The Saab is back on wheels again.

Nice shot. Bilstein shock Absorbers, Elit lowering springs and Powerflex bushings.

It's back in black.

A cleaned Engine.

The old steering rack in place.

loosening up some nuts with the blow torch.

The new Steering rack in place.

Dennis is renovating the heat shields for me.

Cleaning them up.

A few layers of black paint.

The same goes for the tank brackets. But i did them myself.

The exhaust is back in place.

The same goes for the petrol tank.

Brake lines fitted.

Front Brakes.

Rear watering hoses for the sunroof.

Most important pedal back in place.

Fuel please.

The cleaned interior.

Sound dampening and isolation.

Type of damening mats used.

Review of the work.

Wiring loom back in place.

No Heatshield.

Heatshield back in place.

Small detaild in the back

The dash back in place.


Seatbelt parts.

Back to his hiding place.