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Welcome to FireMac

Welcome at FireMac, your Number #1 Macintosh 68K Software Source. You'll find here lots of cool software for your 68K Mac. Note that I've tested the software only on my Mac IIsi. Software runs on that machine, it may run on older machines. Updates as often as possible. All files are in the Stuffit 3.6 format (.sit). Before downloading, read the disclaimer. By the way, I have a new URL: I hope that's easier to remind.

Cool Stuff

NIH IconNIH Image - a very powerful painting, photo editing and graphics program. Supports Photoshop filters. With Macro's. Saves as TIFF, EPS and others. Complete free! [ Read more ]

Moria IconMoria - a very cool adventure set in the world of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Featuring lots of monsters and over 50 levels to play. Choose whether you want to be elf, dwarf, human, hobbit or something else. Real nice game. [ Read More ]

Same Game iconSame Game 1.0.7 - One of the most addicting puzzle games ever made. Absolutely great! Get the best score by clicking blocks away. [ Read more ]

PrintToPDF iconPrintToPDF - Wanna make your own PDF-files? Use PrintToPDF. Very useful, especially for compatibality with Windoze computers. [ Read more ]

New Downloads

Euro fontsEuroFonts - With the introduction of the Euro in 12 European countries you might need the € sign. For 68k Macs you need a special €-font [ Read more ]
War of Flowers iconWar of Flowers - War of Flowers is a Chinese card game, to be played with three players. Play it and win some dollars. Something complete different. [ Read more ]
Angband iconAngband - Angband is an adventure which plays in the world of Tolkien's Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings. It's a bit like Moria, but far more advanced. Your goal? Beat Morgoth in the end, the evil creature. Takes lots of time to play it all. [ Read more ]
Ataxx iconAtaxx - Ataxx is an easy to learn but not always easy to win strategy board game. Move your pieces the right way and win. [ Read more ]
ApplWindows iconApplWindows - Using ApplWindows you can easily switch applications or windows, without having to use the mouse. Very useful [ Read more ]
Desktop Patterns Package IDesktop Patterns Package I - Get some more desktop patterns with this package. 20 new patterns. [ Read more ]

FireMac provides Help

Read the manual on how to use a PC for downloading files, even without Stuffit Expander. Unique manuals not found elsewhere on the web. (Well, I didn't find them, spending hours searching for them.). [ Read the Help ]

Wannabe a tester?
There is much software of which I don't know any system requirements. Only by testing I'll be able to find out what that system requirements are. But I don't have a huge collection of Macs. That's why I am looking for people who want to be a tester. So please join the testingteam!

Contact me
If their are any problems with this site (dead link or something) or there's something with the software (bugs), it would be good to e-mail me. If you got nice software that's worth downloading, just mail. Other reasons to contact? No problem.

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