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I started FireMac because I like finding old Mac apps on the Web and I think other people will also do. Some apps you can download here are also available on other websites, but does it matter?

I got my first Mac in 1996. (Actually, it wasn't my property then, but I was one of the main users. It became my property in '99). It's a Mac IIsi from 1992 with a black and white A4 monitor. Also in '99 I got Internet access via a PC and it was only november 2000 when I managed to get my first download to work on the IIsi. (Had lots of problems with Stuffit etc).

This year, 2001, I bought a second-hand PowerPC 7200/75 with a color monitor (that's quite a difference when you're used to black and white). I don't have enough money to buy a complete new iMac or even a G4 (any sponsors?) so I have to be happy with my 7200/75. All software is tested on that IIsi. If software doesn't run on it, it won't be available for FireMac.

I'm still in doubt about what to do with the IIsi, now I have a 7200/75. I may sell it or keep it as a testing machine, although keeping it will take lots of space in my room. Maybe I'm going to try running Linux on it or give it away to charity. I may also use it as a backup-machine.

FireMac is completely made and maintained by Maarten Pullen. If you find a bug or a broken link or something else not working properly, please mail. When you're giving useful comment you're name may be listed in the "Thanx to" list.

Thanx to

  • David Wood, R.J Goodell and Jag for linking my page. (through their pages most visitors come.)
  • TopStat for giving me a visitors counter
  • for their guestbook
  • for my searchengine
  •, for giving my high ratings in their searchengine
  • Planet Internet NL and Geocities for giving me webspace
  • All the developers of 68k Mac software
  • FireMac's testing team
  • Carbonbase, for reporting some bugs in the website and givin' me SuperPaint 3.5.
  • Apple, for designing the best computers, the Macs
  • That mysterious russian Mac website, who linked to me. I can't read Cyrillic so I don't know who they are.
  • Adam Jenkins
  • ..........
  • ..........
  • ..........(Your name can be here)

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