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FireMac: Disclaimer

Everyone who downloads a file from this website, FireMac (, agrees with this disclaimer. If you do not agree to this disclaimer, leave now for somewhere else.
I, Maarten Pullen, am not responsible for any damage to your computer, to anybody else's computer, to your health or to anything else caused by information, files or anything else made available via FireMac
Remember that some software is shareware and not freeware. Pay your shareware fees and keep shareware alive.
Apple, The Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac, MacOS are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. Other logo's and names are trademarks of their holders. All names, logo's and trademarks which are used here, are used without any commercial goal and are just information to the visitor.
Remember that the software is copyright © by their authors.
When you're under 18, I assume that your parents/guardians, allow you to be here. Still, I am not responsible.

When you're an author of software available via FireMac and you don't want the software to be available via FireMac, I'm sorry for that. Please e-mail me on and I will, as soon as possible, make sure the software isn't any longer available via FireMac.

The Help page (help.htm) contains quotes from UMICH's faq and from Elliotte Rusty Harold's Introductory Macintosh faq.

About quoting my page(s): You can quote my page as long as your publication hasn't commercial goals, but if you do, include my name and a link to this page. When you're website has commercial goals and you want to quote me (or use text written by me), email me with more information about your plans.

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