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FireMac: Graphics

BigPicture 2
BigPicture is a useful tool to view pict and gif files. Check the readme for more functions. Only recommended for people who have a color monitor
System Requirements: Runs on my Mac IIsi [sys7.5/17 Mb Ram/] Requires 3000K RAM.
Support for Dithering/Colors: Yes/Yes.
Download: bigpicture2.sit
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SuperPaint 1.0
SuperPaint 1.0 is a very nice program for painting and other graphic work. I recommend this. It's a pity that it's not really stable.
System Requirements: I heard it can run on a MacPlus. It doesn't run on more modern Macs like a PowerMac. Requires 400k RAM
Support for Dithering/Colors: NO! It hangs when you start dithering/NO support for colors
Download: superpaint_1_0.sit
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CricketDraw 1.0.1
CricketDraw is a vectorbased drawing program. Especially the fountain and shadow functions are nice. You can make objects with shadows like WordArt.
System Requirements: It runs on my Mac IIsi/Sys 7.5/17 Mb RAM. Also reported to run on a PowerMac 7200/75 and a Performa 631 (OS 7.5.1) (Thank you testers!). It needs 468 K Ram. According to the 68000 faq it should run on a 68000 CPU.
Support for Dithering/Colors: Yes/yes
Download: cricketdraw.sit [131 k]
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NIH Image 1.55
Ever thought of purchasing an expensive copy of Adobe's Photoshop?. Don't do that. Get NIH Image! Almost as powerful as Photoshop. Featuring: support for Photoshop plug-ins, Macro's etc. And it's complete free! Created by the National Institute of Health (USA). System Requirements: Sorry don't know. Runs at my IIsi (68030 20mhz/ 17 mb ram). It requires 1500 kb RAM and about 700 k disk space
Support for Dithering/Colors: Excellent
Download: nihimg.sit [276 k]
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