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FireMac: Office

Wingz 1.0
Wingz is a very nice spreadsheet. It includes making graphs and statistics. It also includes a scripting language, but I don't have documentation on it
System Requirements: It runs on my Mac IIsi/Sys 7.5/17 Mb RAM. It needs 1024 K Ram
Support for Dithering/Colors: No/No
Download: wingz.sit [360 k]
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Calender 2.5
Calender allows you to keep an eye on all your appointments, birthdays etc in 20 years, only a few clicks away. It's not really cool design, it looks a little boring but it does what it needs to do.
System Requirements: It runs on my Mac IIsi as well as on a Mac 7200/75. It needs 128 K Ram
Support for Dithering/Colors: No/No
Download: cal.sit [34 k]
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PrintToPDF 2.1.8
Now you can make PDF files without buying the expensive Acrobat Package from Adobe. With a simple chooser extension called PrintToPDF, you can make your own PDF files. The extension is not as powerful as Acrobat Package, but has enough functions to like it. It's shareware and only costs $20!
System Requirements: PrintToPDF has been primarily tested with Mac OS 9, but most of it should work with systems back to 7.0. And it works on my IIsi [68030 20mhz/17mb ram/system 7.5]. PrintToPDF takes about 900k hard disk space.
Support for Dithering/Colors: yes/yes
Download: printtopdf.sit [483 k]
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MacFlow 3.0.1
MacFlow enables you to make flowcharts. I use it myself for organising my websites, but it can be used for many other things
System Requirements: It runs on my Mac IIsi/Sys 7.5/17 Mb RAM. It also may run on older models. It needs 512 K Ram.
Support for Dithering/Colors: Only Black and white, but it perfectly works when you're using dithering/Colors: not tested
Download: macflow.sit [105 k]
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Cricket Graph 1.0
With this program you can easily organise your data, do some easy math and make graphs.
System Requirements: Runs at nearly every Mac, according to the Mac 68000 FAQ it runs even at a 68000. Asks for 224k RAM and dates back to 1985.
Support for Dithering/Colors: Pure black and white but it runs also at color Macs.
Download: cgraph.sit [102 k]
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