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FireMac: Utilities

Bunchtyper 1.01 - Type/Creator editor
Resedit is a user friendly application to change type and creator codes of files fast and flexible. Very easy with good documentation and baloonhelp. It allows a user to revert the last operation.
System Requirements: System 7 and up
Support for Dithering/Colors: yes/yes
Download: buncht.sit [68 Kb]
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MacCompress 3.2 - Compression
MacCompress is a UNIX based but friendly program to save space on your (full?) hard disk. I don't use it cause my HD isn't full, so I got no opinion about it. Including Help on every item. Written by Lloyd Chambers
System Requirements: I don't think it will require much of your Mac. At least 150 k RAM but it prefers 600 k.
Support for Dithering/Colors: no/no
Download: maccomp.sit [34 Kb]
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ResEdit 2.1.3 - Resource editor
Resedit is a very powerful and user friendly application to access the resource fork of Macintsoh files
System Requirements: ResEdit works on any Macintosh system with at least one megabyte of memory. It requires System 6.0.2 or later. Provided by Apple
Support for Dithering/Colors: yes/yes
Download: resedit.sit [404 Kb]
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Stuffit Lite 3.6
Stuffit is the most common compression utility on the Mac platform. Every file here is also compressed with it.
System Requirements: StuffIt Lite works with System 6.0.4 and higher. Supports AppleScript.
Support for Dithering/Colors: yes
Download: slite36.bin (MacBinary) [635 k]
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