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Tips on working with the Expanded F6 Mode.

I was never able to get the Main Panel DU switches to work until somebody pointed me to the Expanded F6 Mode. Because its operation is not very well documented, I have written a small tutorial. I will use the terms as used by Boeing

In my system I have the Captain’s Inboard and Outboard DU (Display Units), an upper DU and a lower DU. All three are running from different PC’s, thus I am using the Expanded F6 mode on all three instances of Glass Cockpit (PFD). The Captain's DU's are on one computer screen, the others have individual screens.

If it is not a new installation, then the best thing is to delete PFD.SET and make sure that you have in the [Display] section of “PFD.INI”


  1. Start PFD and after the first screen is settled change the mode by hitting the F6 key. Then hit escape and select the Expanded F6 mode. The screen probably stays blank, so click the “Reset Positions” line. You will see now 6 DU’s popping up, plus the stand-by instruments.
  2. Toggle the overlay screen by hitting the ESC key and you will see a new line “>Enable/Disable Elements”. This allows you to choose the proper DU for the display that you are working on. For example of you want the Captain’s Inboard and Outboard DU’s, then only leave these ticked (Captain PFD/ND). Note that if you have to rotate the screen, then do this first!
  3. After you have left the overlay screen, only two DU’s remain. You can now size them and reposition them as required.
  4. When you are happy with the position and size, close the application, so all the position and size information is stored.
  5. Now it’s time to remove the Title and Frame by setting:


    in the [Display] section of “PFD.INI”.
  6. Restart PFD and make sure that the position and size are still what you, otherwise make corrections. Note that there are no key commands to separate the PFD and ND in the Captain’s DU’s. You have to do this by changing “GCSET.TXT”. I changed “PosX” in the “/Captain ND” block.
  7. Close and restart PFD and make sure everything is what you want.
  8. Finally I write protected “PFD.SET’, to insure that the settings can not be changed inadvertently.


As a final note both the ENG and SYS buttons on the MIP are now working.

The images on the right show the two SYStem pages.