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A320 Side Stick


A Side Stick fro the A320 is not easily available unless one is willing to pay more than 1000.  So I decided to my modify my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and fit it with the Vier-im-Pott handle.


I found a video on the internet how to take the joystick apart and it was quite easy.  After I removed the handle and the cover plate I found that the assembly is mounted with four screws on the bottom plate.  Some of the plastic lugs were broken, so, in fact, by moving the stick, the whole assembly was moving.  I drilled the lugs with a 4 mm drill and could now firmly attach the assembly to an 18 mm piece of MDF.

The Side Stick comes with the two buttons, the red A/P and the PTT button.  I decided to solder them right over two buttons on the switch board.  This way I did not have to worry how to connect them to the main interface board of the joystick.

The same applies to the tiller.  Since I removed the throttle control on the joystick, I was able to connect the tiller's potentiometer directly to the freed-up 3-pin connector.

Finally, in order to get the right angle for the side stick, I propped up one side of the MDF plate with some spacers.




The disassembled joystick

Switch Board

The The result