Nothing can happen in your experience except through an activity of your consciousness. In other words: “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) NOT the Truth shall make you free. Ye shall  k n o w  the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. But there is that first step  YE  shall know the Truth.

(1959 Maui Advanced Work  Tape 4 Side 1)



Some years ago I was approached by young people who were victims of sects that, under the guise of "faith", did the worst things with them. With them in mind, I have created this website especially for young people.
The Infinite Way is a movement in Consciousness and is NOT a religion, sect or the like that recruits young people (with problems), locks them up in castles, buildings, etc. and then does the worst things with them under the guise of "religion". Far from it: There are NO temples, physical buildings in The Infinite Way. The only "temple" is your consciousness that you can connect with at any time and in any place. Although The Infinite Way is an individual study, a "tape recording class" is held - if there is sufficient interest - and that is usually at the home of a student. The procedure is: welcome by the leader / leader, and a brief explanation of the tape recording you are going to hear, 10 minutes of meditation, playing Joel's tape recording, end: 10 minutes of meditation. NO discussions, just immerse yourself in the Spirit of God. Then everyone goes his / her way. NO discussions. You are completely free to go whenever you want. No one will stop you, no one in The Infinite Way will ever touch you, let alone hurt you. If there is a “touch,” it is the Spiritual Touch of love, prayer and meditation that you may be guided. Guided to what? To our side? Oh NO. So that you may be guided to that Path, that Way that corresponds to your current state of Consciousness, be it Protestant, The Infinite Way, Russian religion, Chinese religion, Buddhism, for my part Hottetots.
Would that result in you joining The Infinite Way: great, we are happy for you and are more than willing to lead you further. Would that result in you turning to another movement, religion, etc.: also nice, we are happy for you that you have found your way. We will just as well pray and meditate for you.
Nobody in The Infinite Way is interested in your private affairs, your finances, etc.No one will ever ask you for money. (The only person who can ask you for money is me, Bertus, and then only if you want to receive a specific work). Although this activity is funded through voluntary contributions, what you wish to contribute is strictly yours. You are free as a bird. If you wish to join, be welcome. If you wish to leave, please go and find your way. Just as good friends. No hard feelings at all.
I give you this “cup of cold water” once and will definitely not - say a month after now - remind you with: "say, I sent you information about The Infinite Way then and then, what did you think?" NO. If there is a response in you to this message (and I do NOT mean your human mind - I am sure that is okay) no, I mean your Soul faculties, your Inner Heart So whether there is a response in you and you want to know more, you must come back to me or to one of our other workers. YOU!!!

I would like to invite you to take the TEST to judge if The Infinite Way is your “Spiritual House”. Certainly NOT by others but God prays for guidance. We - in The Infinite Way - pray and meditate - impersonally - with you so that you may be guided. What teaching does not matter to us. You are completely free in this and have no obligations towards The Infinite Way. We will of course follow Joel's teachings, instructions and directions, but the rest is up to you.

After this intro now something about The Infinite Way.


PRIVACY-LEGISLATION: see noadres ... this is an individual study and turning within to the Source. for more klick on stil-eng

"This is NO way to get healthy or rich or wise .. this is only a way to find GOD" as Joel says. clic on gebed (prayer).


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One can also obtain much information on the teaching of The Infinite Way on the site <learn> of Acropolis website:

For Joel's lifestory, work in Christian Science, "conversion" to The Infinite Way", the development of The Infinite Way, etc. please read Lorraine Sinkler's book: "The Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith"

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This time you will notice another book being released “A Parenthesis in Eternity”. This really tells you the entire story of my Spiritual life. Not by telling you anything about Joel, because Joel does not seem to count in that regard. What does count is: what is revealed from within, and that entire unfoldment is given to us in that book.

Listen to Joel:

A student did ask Joel if he could be considered as "a Christian mystic". For Joels reply clic on mysteng



EMMA's priceless contribution to the development of The Infinite Way must never be underestimated. One can read more whilst clicking on emma-eng



Hello, I am Bertus. I wish you welcome to The Infinite Way - Holland.




Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Bertus Rabe. Callname "Bertus".

Since I am Dutch, English is not my native language. I apologize for any mistakes against your grammar, etc. It may be that you would say certain phrases in a different way, but what follows is only an attempt - with all my my heart - to try to help and guide you further.

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PLEASE DO NOTE THAT ALL JOELS WORKS (be it AUDIO, monthly letters, books, studyguides, transcriptions, letters, notes, talks, et. etc.) ARE COPYRIGHTED ACCORDING TO A GENERAL ALL-INCLUSIVE "THE INFINITE WAY" COPYRIGHT.


Since 1978 I have been occupying myself with translating the writings of the late mystic JOEL S. GOLDSMITH and distributing them among the Dutch students. In view of the rather small group, this is being done on a non-profit, non-commercial basis at costprice.


It is impossible to cover in a few pages a teaching like The Infinite Way which is encompassed in more than 1200 hours of recorded audio tapes, more than 40 books and many years of printed Monthly letters. I shall do my best to give you a taste of the teaching. (Please feel free to ask me any questions that may come to you).


For briefness sake I refer you to our main webpage english for further info.and where you will find a link to the TRAILER of the movie "Joel S. Goldsmith, the man and his message."